Default white Sparco suit & helmet replacement

Default white Sparco suit & helmet replacement 1.1

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who is mildly annoyed by the default driver suits that can be seen in car mods that don't bother to include a driver skin. Especially irritating when a cup car race has the same looking drivers all over the place.
After trying everything possible to get this problem mostly fixed I present you this chad replacing every default white Sparco suit/helmet/gloves:

This driver suit won't stick out like sore thumb with AC's weird interior lighting and looks cool in any conditions! And the best part is: Nobody will tell you made a screenshot in AC with its trademarked default white helmet! :roflmao:
See the difference here:


Notice how the rest of the drivers don't stick out badly unlike on the top picture

As you can see this particular car mod does not include any driver skins so the default ones are replaced with the new ones.
So overall you will get this suit on every modded car that doesn't have custom driver skins. This doesn't mean custom driver skin will get replaced though - these are only modifying the drivers that haven't been edited inside skin folders!
Works with both Hans and non-Hans car mods.

1. Make a backup of driver.kn5 and driver_no_HANS.kn5 found in "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\driver Folder (if you want to change the default suits back later on)
2. Paste the content of the downloaded .zip into "X:"\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\
Overwrite the files.

This is the mod of the century after the Dababy car mod

Credits: Kunos, TheNuvolari

Latest updates

  1. Driver face dissapearing fix

    I haven't noticed it but the face of the driver wasn't visible through the visor. Fixed now...

Latest reviews

Thank yopu very much sir.
Similar to the pit crew removal, a base necessity for a more immersive AC.
super nice having a driver that blends in with seats now. thank you
I'm glad you think the same way, drivers not tend to stick out of the interior so much.
this is pretty cool ! but i cant seem to be able to make it work i have csp 1.80 preview and done all the instructions buts i still get the other default driver
Hmm I have that too and I don't have such issue. Make sure you are using an "effortless" mod that doesn't have any custom suit applied.
I've been meaning to put out something similar for ages, but stopped playing the game for some time. Thank you.
You're welcome! Had to replace the default driver as it sticked out so much!
Five stars. Love your mods! Keep on doing such stuff!
I'll try to :)
Excellent improvement and time saver, can't believe for how long I've been swapping the driver model of each car individually
Thanks, nice to hear this from you :)
I needed this!!!!! the best, just got better! thx
I'm glad you like it :)
Très bonne idée! J'aimerais tellement mettre ma tenue et mon casque personnalisé par défaut mais je ne sais pas faire :( Content de voir que c'est possible en tout cas.
Well it is pretty easy, just have to unpack the .kn5 for the texture files, edit them, pack them back and that's all!

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