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Fantastic job! My favorite type of roads in AC and very good quality overall
Superb trees and road quality! Thanks.
BTW, is it same irl location with some other Dragons tail mod?
thank you for this mod. love these kind of mods. Great for the cars i am driving. thank you very much!!!
First, this is not the Tail of the dragon in Robbinsville, the image you are using is misleading. that said it is an ok AtoB track, you might want to remove the trees that we are hitting while driving. Nice effort that is not finished, thank you for sharing.
lol - why is there railing only along the starboard side of the track?
Thank you. This is one of the tracks that I deeply missed from rFactor1. I love the canyons, and mountain passes. This is one I would love to ride and drive IRL.

again, thank you
Really enjoying the track so far. Obviously its awork in progress but there's a good base there. Glad to see someone doing a track I've actually driven. Contact me if you need any info on the track that you can't google as I don't live too far away from the course itself.
Brilliant, great road surface and detail
Half FPS performance compared with other good final tracks
Something hit me.
wihout that, It's Very Good
(Sorry for my Weird English)
version 0.4 or 0.9???

"name": "Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb",
"description": "Extended Remix.",
"tags" : [],
"geotags": [],
"country": "America",
"city": "",
"length": "",
"width": "",
"pitboxes": "",
"run": "Uphill"
crashes when loading at AC v1.11
Great starting of lovely track, very thanks.

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