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DeltaBar v1.30

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Supported modes, click on the plugin repeatedly to toggle:
  • vs all-time best lap
  • vs all-time best sectors
  • vs all-time optimal lap
  • vs session best lap
  • vs session best sectors
  • vs session optimal lap
Works in multiplayer and offline modes. For addon tracks, a clean singleplayer lap should be driven first for sectors to work.

The displayed number is the improvement/loss for the current lap(or sector), the bar length is a visual representation of that number.

The color of the bar is the fun part: It shows if you are gaining or losing time. (exit a corner slightly better and it will glow green, even if the delta itself is still in the red; exit a corner significantly faster and it will be bright green)

Best lap telemetry is stored locally in a JSON format.

Does not connect to any remote services, it's entirely local.


1. Move the entire deltabar folder into:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python

2. Run Assetto Corsa, enable the deltabar plugin:
Options -> General -> UI Modules -> deltabar <ENABLED>

3. When in the car cockpit, activate the menus on the right side, scroll all the way near the bottom, <CLICK> on the icon with the 'deltabar' tooltip.


You should see a rounded rectangle appear.

Drive a lap and then it will show data.

Click on the rounded rectangle to toggle between display modes.​
KAZZDy3 - Imgur.jpg

You can also get iRacing's "lower left" timing window:

By changing:
Documents/Assetto Corsa/plugins/deltabar/config.txt
"enable_timing_window": true

Latest updates

  1. DeltaBar v1.30

    AC 1.3+ support! v1.30: October 12 2015 Support for AC 1.3 Improved bar look and rounded...
  2. DeltaBar v1.27

    v1.27: March 17 2015 Support for AC 1.1.2. Support single sector tracks. BETA version of timing...

Latest reviews

make the iracing hud for telemetry i beg
Worked well.
Guys this app still works for me by the way I don't know why you can't make it work anyway I wanted to ask on some maps it doesn't work I think it is map related. There is a problem with track limits on that map so deltabar doesn't work there. Can I find a workaround for this?
Good app.
If anyone want to make it smaller just has to go to the config file on the route: ...\assettocorsa\apps\python\deltabar\deltabar_lib and change ther the parameters APP_WIDTH and APP_HEIGHT to the wanted parameters represented by the pixels on the screen.
That's all. Enjoy it :)
Must have app thanks by the way could be smaller maybe.
Perfect app
just what I wanted
Doesn't work on Nordschleife Tourist layout, so back to sidekick I go. Wish it did because it's nice on the rest of the tracks.
It's Just what I wanted and worked as spected. Good job! I just would love the posibility of resize the bar. Thanks!!!
I agree with others who've commented before: having the option to move or resize would make this app even better. Otherwise, it is a very well-made and super useful app! Thanks!
It's great just what I need, would be five starts if it was a bit smaller and you could raise it up to near the top of the screen.

Otherwise it's great for lowering those lap times.
Would be 5 stars if it could be made smaller, and if it didnt reset position every time + having a button to press to change the different delta modes. Since it resets to middle of the screen and you have to click on the bar to move it - you also change delta mode, and so you have to cycle through them all to get to the first one again. I noticed this hasnt been updated in a while so these issues might not get fixed. They should though cause this is a really nice delta bar otherwise.
Must have :)
Awesome app! The only problem I am having is the sector times. Lap times work without a flaw but sector times sometimes fail to work.
Great work, nice app, very well made.
Really nice simple app ! - Only one problem ! -It's HUGE !
Always loved this app but there is a problem with Nordscheilefe Tourist layout. Can you check it?
Thanks for the update! I was finding it hard to enjoy my hot laps without it!
Thanks for the update!

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