Desiré Wilson 1980 British Grand Prix Williams FW07 skin

Desiré Wilson 1980 British Grand Prix Williams FW07 skin 1.0

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This skin is for ACFL's Williams FW07 (great car available directly from their website for a reasonable price.)

It represents the car that Desiré Wilson attempted to qualify in the 1980 British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch in 1980. She had already won an F1 race there earlier that year - the eternal asterik is that it was in the Aurora AFX British series, not a championship Grand Prix. The Williams she signed up to drive was not up to the task (according to an F1rejects article, it didn't have even have skirts, in the midst of the ground effects era!) and she was unable to qualify. This takes nothing away from her successful racing career as, some say, the fastest female ever to drive an F1 car.

Simply place this folder in your cars > ACFL_WILLIAMS_FW07 > skins folder.
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