DHL HEINE racing

DHL HEINE racing 3.0

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This is a fictional skin pack for the BMW M3 GT2, BMW Z4 GT3 & ktm xbow r of Asseto Corsa. Each skin is in a seperate archiv in the file. More infos in the readme files in each skin archive. Enjoy them!

DHL BMW M3 GT2 - v 3
m3_15.jpg m3_16.jpg

DHL BMW Z4 GT3 - v 3
z4_15.jpg z4_16.jpg

DHL ktm xbow r - v 2
xbow_06.jpg xbow_07.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. DHL HEINE racing

    I've updated the M3, Z4 and xbow to Assetto Corsa 1.0 standards. New suits, refreshed Michelin...
  2. DHL HEINE racing 2014

    This is a fictional skin pack for the BMW M3 GT2, BMW Z4 GT3 & ktm xbow r of Asseto Corsa. Each...

Latest reviews

Thank you!
Very very good skinpack, high res and excellent matte paint mapping.
Wow, I can only celebrate this magnificent pack, I LOVE skin packs end this one looks great. Nice change of pace by changing the car with the same skin in stead of the skin with the same car. Thanks man!!
Cool skins , thanks mate !
Man, I really like these skins! Thanks for your work on these.............=)
Awesome pack, thank you so much ! ;-))
KOOL! * Downloaded * MANY THANKS...O.G
Excellent megapack , thanks
Nice Pack
Great fantasy long-term project, nice to see such fine work!
wow. thanks to megapack !

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