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Dijon-Prenois Grand Prix 1.1

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Dijon from GTL for Race 07 - 25-05-2008 - v. 1.10 - by meck2

Track runs/load without problems.
Thx to Franky_BB for his Loadingscreen.
Fixed fuel consumption.
Tweaked *.*gdb by Greg Kuric\-Race length and A.I grip-
rreflect from Mr. Bean

Installation for Steam Version/DedicatedServer and Offline Version.
copy the Gamedata & UIData in following directory...
X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\commom\race 07\

I love the original Simbin tracks, so buy there series (GTL,GTR,GTR2 & Race) for more fantastic work from them.
Its fair to do that when i see the trackpool for all the racesims outthere.

feel free to contact:
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Thank you very much.
Thank you very much! I was searching for this track. Looks great!

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