Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version

Dirt Telemetry Tool - Cortextual's Version 1.6.2

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(If playing DiRT Rally 2.0 Please ensure extradata = 3 is set in the hardwareconfig.xml file. This wasn't necessary prior to Update 1.5. But the scaling suspension sliders and more accurate rev counter wont work without it. Cheers. )

Greetings you filth-peddling dirt mongers.



DiRT Telemetry Tool is an app for the DiRT Rally games which displays information about driver inputs as well as the state of the car while it is driven in game. This information includes:

Wheel Inputs
Pedal Inputs
Current Gear
Current Speed
Maximum Speed
Average Speed
Stage Time
Distance Travelled
G Forces - With optional trace of recent G-Ball movement
Suspension Movement
Wheel Speed Differences - for differential analysis


Setup Instructions are included in the accompanying readme.rtf file.

Borderless Window / Always on Top

I’ve now added these features to the app so there should be no need to use external programs to remove the window borders or force the app to stay on top of the game window. These options can be found in the settings application. When borderless the app can be re-positioned by dragging with the mouse.



The settings app (settings.exe) can be found in the app directory. To change settings, run the app while the main telemetry app is not running, change which settings you want and then click apply. Restart the main app and changes should be reflected.

Many features of the app can be enabled / disabled using the settings app, many of these are enabled by default. The options include:

Selection of 3 different display modes (Full / Compact / Wheel) depending on usage. Wheel mode, for instance, displays only driver inputs and can be useful for streamers.

Degrees of steering rotation can be set in a range from 180 - 1080.

Colours for individual controls can be enabled / disabled.

G Ball Trace display can be enabled and trace length set.

G Ball can be set to flash orange or red during high forces.

Gear indicator can be coloured based on direction of gear change, Green for up, Red for down or Neutral, to aid peripheral awareness of shifts.

Coloured background can be enabled to allow streamers to use chroma keying to remove background.

Max RPM of rev counter can be changed to accommodate high revs of certain cars.

Entire app can be scaled from 50% to 150%.

Although it's been rewritten, this app was based on nascent code by Zeb which he was no longer working on. Thanks to him.

Hope you find it useful.

Hugs and kisses,


Please note that the tool only displays UDP data sent by the game which takes certain things out of my hands, such as the auto clutch displaying and the accelerator appearing to lift during shifts. When the UDP stream is interrupted the tool will remain in the state it was in when the last data was received until it starts receiving data again.

If the tool stops working following updates to the game or Steam integrity checks please first check that the hardware_settings_config.xml file has not been reset, it may need to be changed again as per the instructions in the readme file.

Using tool over network: I'm opening myself up to a lot of troubleshooting here but if you want to use the app on a separate device on the same network you can. Preferably not using wireless though as it may not be very smooth. To do so set the IP in the hardware_settings_config.xml to the local IP address of the device, this will generally begin 192.168.1. Then change the IP in the data\connection.cfg on the target device to the same number and allow it through any firewall that you use.

Here's a video Meszes made:

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.6.2

    - Added optional 24 hour clock at request. -Fixed crash at startup some people were having.
  2. Update 1.6.1

    - Added troubleshooting option to circumvent the new frame code for people who seem to be unable...
  3. Update 1.6

    Sorry for the frequent updates, a crash turned up that I have hopefully fixed now. I added some...

Latest reviews

I would give it 5/5 if/when it works correctly.

However, it crashes my PC whenever I have DR2 in fullscreen mode (which I need to stop lag/stutters etc).

The explanation on how to get it to work on another device is poor, maybe a video tutorial or screenshots (including which PC you are making the changes on) would help people immensely.
i really love this telemetry tool, but i am considering moving to linux soon, i was wondering if there is a linux version?
Great tool! Sadly can't overlay when game in full screen (game in borderless mode works not smooth for me)
Great tool! Is there an option to make the Telemetry tool launch with the game, so that I don't have to launch both every time? It would be most practical :)
The program you designed is great! But after I used it, the feedback from the steering wheel disappeared! Is there any way to help me solve this problem
great effort, keep it up!
Awesome! Just having issues with setting it up for fullscreen. I don't know why it doesn't want to show up. I have no choice but to play in windowed/borderless mode to have it display over the game. How can I fix that?
Unfortunately you can't show anything over the top of a full screen game, it would need to hook into the game in the way overlays do which also brings up other issues with anti cheat and stuff. That's not something I'm currently implementing. I'm sorry about that and hope you can find it useful anyway.
First... AMAZING!!! this is a dream tool... seriously!!!

But... My PC is a little outdated... then, if I set DiRT in "pseudo fullscreen" with Borderless Gaming software, my fps drops from 180 to 40...



What I was thinking: FRAPS shows FPS in "native fullscreen" mode...
how does it work?

maybe there is a software, that can overlay 3rd part apps (like this Mod), in "native fullscreen" mode!!!

I've used one before: "Game Overlay", but it's from 2007, and doesn't work anymore with new directx games...

I've tried 3 others:
- Overwolf
- PlayClaw
- Project Kryptonite

bot both 3 doesn't support DiRT Rally...


The key is make the overlay like FRAPS does...

take a look: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3266346/how-to-overlay-graphics-on-windows-games

is it doable?
Cortextual thanks for keeping this tool up to date! I'm not a programmer, so it's great to see things figured out and clean up.
awesome mod; only issues i am having are with the G-meter(works for a second at low speed then resets and doesnt move) and the highest speed(displays correctly until i cross the finish line, then it displays whatever my speed at that moment was). apart form these relatively minor gripes, everything else works perfectly!
Dude ... can you help me install it? I'm not getting it, is there an installation tutorial?
Handy tool especially for streamers.
G-meter isn't working for some, could this be game bug or related to this program?
I'm looking into this but haven't been able to replicate it yet. Thanks for the review, and the heads up about the bug.
Really great tool!! I have a question tough... Is it possible to change the TT black backgroud color, or the chroma color ( it's yellow atm ), to a transparent / colorless " color ", or at least, close to it? Imo, it would look way better, than a black rectangule *hint*
Keep up the good work =)
Hi, thanks =) I've looked into making it transparent but it's probably going to be too tricky. You can change the background colour and the chroma colour to anything you'd like by changing the bg.png and bgy.png files in the data folder though.
Better, better ;)
Great app. Is the steering based on real wheel input or the one showed in game graphically? Any chance to show handbrake input?
Hi, thanks for the rating =) The steering is based on real input, the amount of degrees can be set using the settings app. I did have it showing handbrake but with all the different devices people had it proved very difficult to ensure compatibility, since the game's udp data doesn't have handbrake info. I might be able to add it in future.
Amazing tool, shows all the data that you really need. Also it's configurable with the supplied app. Can make it appear as an overlay with just a few clicks in Borderless-Gaming. Thank you mate!
Thanks for the review buddy. Cheque's in the mail lol
i cant run this amazing app, i tried several times with the help of the autor.. but nothings happend.. maybe the game have an issue trying to save the xml file to change.. thx to Cortextual for give me support and help to solve this problems.. 5 stars for him
Thanks man. Sorry again that we couldn't figure it out.
Great job man! You've did things that I've wanted to do but didn't had enough time and stumbled uppon some problems with running it properly after few changes.

Now I can use it on my second display that's smaller and have a 4:3 aspect :)

One bug I've met is that average speed isn't displayed after stage (it's 0,00 while there's a maxspeed display properly).

P.S. For those that don't know this will conflict with Fanaleds so you can use only one at a time.
Thanks for the review matey. As far as the bug you mention, the tool just shows the data sent by the game and the average speed is as Distance/Time calculation. So if distance or time is reset at the end of the stage the calculation will fail. So not a bug just difficult to get around. I should probably amend the description to explain some of this stuff if I want that elusive 5 star rating.
good idea but doesn t work for me.. installation istructions are very poor..
I'm sorry you feel that way. I just included zeb's original readme, I've now uploaded one that should be slightly clearer. Let me know if you need more help.

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