Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit 1938

Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit 1938 1.0

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Hello Everyone, This is my second scratch built track for Assetto Corsa. I wanted this one to be as accurate as I possibly could make it, but also by using some artistic licence to recreate the feeling of the place (and hopefully some of the magic i was hoping to capture). I spent hours researching all the information I could find from the internet, videos, pics, magazine articles etc, a lot of people here helped by sending me these so many thanks.

Most of the tracks height data is taken from the current lidar data and then cross referenced with all the existing parts of the modern day layouts (from all the sims) but bare in mind there was a lot of guess work involved.

For track widths and old sections, I took a trip to Donington with my tape measure and theodolite and walked and shot images of the old Melbourne hairpin (which still exists) and measured as much as I could in the limited time I was allowed to walk around those areas.

About - Please watch this Video - Explains more than I possibly could here - it will also get you hyped no doubt

Track Features
  • 30 Pit boxes
  • Complete 3D terrain
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Track Map
  • Working AI
  • 3 TV Cameras (Courtesy of Terra21)
  • 3D Grass
  • Audio Reverb's (Bridges and wooded areas)
  • (Reduce world detail to remove 3D grass for better performance especially for VR)
  • All the folks over at the W.A.Y.W.O Thread for their support and help with info's and what not
  • Terra21 - for all his not stop track action, and the AI & Cameras
While not required please feel free to donate a Quid (Pound) or two if you enjoy this track. Many Thanks and most of all please enjoy - and remember before you say something mean!!! (especially you harsh reviewers - you know who you are) I do this for free in my spare time and give this away for you all to enjoy. if you are going to critique PLEASE BE CONSTRUCTIVE.


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  1. Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit 1938 1.0

    Hey Everyone......ok first things first, sorry this took so long After quite a few private...
  2. Small Update Groove Fix

    Hey Everyone, this is just a quick small fix as i noticed the groove was not working, apologies...

Latest reviews

Just completed my first race on this track, Amazing experience, Top notch track mate. Cheers .
You created a beautiful circuit, many thanks! It reminds me how it looked like in Rfactor and Spirit of Speed 1937. And offcourse, i did a donation. You deserved it, absolutely. Thanx.
Great work, a bit of history, recommended.
Loving these vintage tracks, awesome work guys
Fantastic track -- love racing here with period cars. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, and for giving us a superb pre-war track!
Awesome job, very enjoyable to drive, especially with modern cars. The jump before the finish line is great.
Work Jim
Awesome job! I've seen a floating tree in the sky, around the 4th corner, you should fix it. Keep it up!
A real pleasure to race on this track!!! 10 laps at Donington-1938 with Ferrari 312 (67')
Excellent, thank you :)
Nice track, but on my first tries I made fails at turn 7, hairpin bend and went on the grass, and you cant recover from the grass there, because the car sink. Dont know its a bug or its kind of intentional.
Amazing track!! Thank you so much!!
Really captures the era beautifully, also scary as hell to wind your way between houses and through bridges. Lots of fun and very high quality track.
Stunning, simply stunning.
Amazing work. Must have mod!
Love those historical tracks, thanks !
Beautiful and absolutely wonderful to drive. Thanks!
I have been practicing on this track on and off for a week now and it just gets better and better. I have installed a mod by Sim Dream Developments that gives you 5 Grand Prix cars from the 1937 season. It costs £9 but they are high quality. They really bring this track to life. Thank you again Jim for all your hard work.

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