DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger

DonnerTechRacing Satsuma Turbocharger 2.2.2

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My MscModApi


Installation is the same as every Mod.
  1. Make sure the Requirements above are met.
  2. Download the latest release of the mod from racedepartment
  3. Make sure to read recent Updates as they may contain important information not (yet) in this description.
  4. Extract or Open the downloaded archive with your favorite archiving tool.
  5. Once you Extracted or Opened the archive,
    you should find the following files/folders inside it:
    • Assets folder
    • SatsumaTurboCharger.dll
      (depending on how your Windows is setup, you may not see the extension .dll)
    • Changelog (vX.X.X).txt (not needed)
  6. Open your Modsfolder.
    • The location of this folder depends on how you configured MscModLoader when you used the MscPatcher.
    • Possible locations could be:
      • Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car\Mods
      • C:\Users\<your windows username>\Documents\My Summer Car\Mods
      • C:\Users\<your windows username>\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car\Mods
    • Running MscPatcher again should show you what you selected.
  7. COPY the Assets folder AND the SatsumaTurboCharger.dll into that Mods folder!
  8. The mod should now be properly installed and should show up in the game.
  9. Have fun.
My mods are licensed under GPL3. In short

Other important information:

DONT publish "Save games" or other things for this game AND include MY mod in your works. If your work requires my mod, inform users about this and put a link to this page (or nexus, or github) in the description.

by supplying your own "version" you make it very hard for me and other users. Sharing your own config (save files of the mod) is ok and obviously needed for your work to function the way you intend it to (eg. save game).
This means something is not installed or a bolt isn't fully tightened.
This is not a bug!

"But I installed everything" => No, no you didn't.
You will be ignored. Give information "don't work, fix this ****", "this sucks", "stupid mod, doesn't work", ... shows a lack of itelligence.
  • Cool, please put a link to the mod in the description
  • Don't advertise it as your own
  • If it's a useful video, let me know, I may link to it as well :)
  • This mod won't work with the Supercharger mod. It changes the same value as i do causing my mod to not be able to set the value. Nothing I can do about that!!!!!
  • small turbo = gt turbo
    big turbo = racing turbo.
  • If you see me saying big/small turbo i mean the above.
    In earlier versions the turbos were named big/small.
  • You can't install all parts (if you install one part of the gt turbo the other parts of the racing turbo can't be installed)
    (same for twincarb and weber)
  • You can't install small and big turbo
  • Inside Mod Settings is a Debug button which will display various turbocharger values like powerMultiplier, boost generated and actual driving speed (will display more than the speedometer can)
  • When above a specific rpm value, if you let go off the throttle you will hear a blowoff soundwhen using the racing turbocharger
  • Soundfiles can be changed, just rename them to the same name as the original file.
  • Installation/Position can also be reset by deleting partSave and ColorSave in Mods/Config/Mod Settings/SatsumaTurboCharger
    or by using the position reset button in "Mod Settings"

if you have usefull videos (like good installation videos) let me know and I can add them to the overview for people (I need permission of the video maker)

All parts can be bought at Fleetari.
There is a brown sign on the right side of the desk.
  • GT Turbo (smaller version of the turbo, less power)
    • Airfilter (currently does nothing, wear system currently disabled)
  • Racing Turbo (big turbo, a lot of power)
    • blowoff valve (required, does the shhhhhh sound.
    • Hood (with a hole for the turbo)
    • Straight exhaust (straight out the hood, allows flames ;) )
  • various required tubes to install the turbos on the car
  • Intercooler (mounted below the license plate)
  • Twin Carburators manifold (for installing on the twin carbs)
  • Weber manifold (for installing on the 4 individual inlet carb)
  • Boost gauge (analog & digital function)
  • Exhaust header
  • Racing turboccharger, GT turbocharger, intercooler, both manifolds, Racing turbocharger blowoff valve and Racing turbocharger Hood can be painted
    ("USE" key has to be "F")
  • Racing turbocharger maximum boost can be adjusted with the blowoff valve (always required to be installed)
  • GT turbocharger maximum boost can be adjusted with the preinstalled wastegate
  • Boost gauge displays current boost created by turbo
  • gt turbocharger produces less power but at a lower rpm
  • racing turbocharger produces more power but at a higher rpm
  • Position reset button in Mod Settings
  • Used color for PaintingSystem can be changed in Mod Settings where you can toggle between using my colors (for example orange = more orange) or the stock ingame colors
  • Depending on which parts are installed the turbo has a higher/lower max boost
  • most parts have to be bought at Fleetari repair shop using ModsShop
  • Blowoff sound when using the Big turbo (Racing Turbocharger) when letting of the gas
  • turbocharger spool sound both small and big
  • gt turbocharger spool sound changes when airfilter is used
  • Wear system.
    Intercooler damage limits the max boost the turbo can reach
    GT airfilter reduces wear on the GT turbo
    If wear of a turbo is below 25% a grinding sound is played
    If wear of a part is below 15% the part can randomly fall off
    Parts can be repaired at the ModsShop (where you bought them)
  • ScrewablePartAPI: most parts have to be screwed in. Some screws are more hidden!!!
  • Racing turbocharger straight exhaust:
    if installed has a 1:8 chance of triggering flames
    *If ecu-mod is installed and ALS is enabled it has a 100% chance
  • Intercooler
  • both manifolds (twinCarb and weber (raceCarb)) text
  • Racing Turbo Hood
  • both turbos (small and big) turbine wheels
  • Racing Turbo blowoff valve
  • GT Turbo wastegate (will change with turbine wheel color)
  • GT Turbo Airfilter
  1. Parts get painted by having your "USE key set to "F" and then taking a spraycan into your hand by aiming at it and pressing "F" -> same as for the ingame parts
  2. Go to the part and aim at it (best to uninstall them from car as sometimes you can't aim at them correcly and they won't be painted)
  3. Press Mouse Button like you would to spray an ingame part)
  4. (You don't need to wait for the spray to finish, it should immediately change color)
  5. If part doesn't change color try again
  • Draw power grapth/turbo grapth
  • check for air fuel mixture and decrease/increase boost
  • make n2o usable
  • increase fuel consumption when turbo is used/installed
  • more grip
more features as i have new ideas or by suggestions
  • nos is useless and will decrease the power.
  • Your "Use" key has to be "F" otherwise painting the parts won'T work
  • Racing Turbo Hood "wobbles" while car moves, just visually "ugly"
  • Items in the shop currently have no images
  • Wear system is temporarily disabled/removed
If you have any other ideas let me know and i might implement them.

Latest updates

  1. New Year Bugfix

    Requirement Version Link MySummerCar 12922607 (game => open console => type ver => buildID)...
  2. v2.2.1

    Fix incorrect screw placement on the GT Turbo Intercooler Tube
  3. The day has come

    Has been a while :) New update. Have fun :) Let me know if you find issues. Requirement...

Latest reviews

hey donnerplays ,i like this mod but why my car heat up very fast after installing it?
not related to mod
Why does the racing turbo not produce any horsepower even though the boost gauge shows 2.5?
привет доннер! У меня есть проблема. У меня когда я газую до отсечки у меня наддув падает при любой комплектации. Подскажите что делать
i cant install the headers it keeps detaching and i dont have the normal or the race headers installed.
Worked fine until i loaded another turbo mod, and now whenever i install the DonnerTech Turbo Exhaust Header my car produces weird glitched/distorted sounds, only happens when i got all the turbo parts installed (They work but cars engine sound is highly distorted
Hey, I kept trying to install the "Turbocharger Exhaust Header" But it keeps detaching. Do you know what's wrong?
Possibly something installed from the game itself that should not (like the original header) so the turbo header detaches itself on purpose (bad implementation to fix issues but works)
donner can you make backfire for gt turbo and back fire for muffler with big turbo
I’ve lost the boostgauge, where do I find it again and why can’t I buy it again??
I dont have mod shop
where does the turbo spawn?
Some great work you've done here, you should be proud of what you've achieved.
I can't screw any bolts
why i cannot change to small turbo gt
Got the mod to work fixed the err w boost gauge bolts on the header was the culprit, was able to make 300hp w gt turbo w my own tune love the mod and looking forward to many more updates
I have spent 2 hours making sure every bolt is tightened and it still says ERR
Guess what that means. You haven't made sure every bolt is tightened.
I don't know what I did or if its the mod or what be it says the mod has had to many errors
great mod for making power but i cant paint for some reson but a giraffe once said that hoods are for pansies
At the top of the list of must have mods
If you have ERR, check all bolts are tightened haha! Took me around 15 mins to find the screw

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