Driveable Svoboda.

Driveable Svoboda. XVII

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Agora o Petteri terá inveja de você!

O Carro tem embreagem automática, e pode ser encontrado na casa do jogador.

Eu permito postar este Mod em qualquer lugar em que qualquer um deseje, fazer alterações no Mod de qualquer forma e também utilizar o código do Mod livremente para qualquer coisa.

Now Petteri will be jealous of you!

The car have Autoclutch, and can be found on player's house.

I allow to post this Mod everywhere that anyone want, make changes on the Mod on anyway and use Mod's code freely for anything.

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Alguns Vídeos sobre o Mod(Some Videos About the Mod):

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  1. Um tanto de coisa - A lot of things.

    Olá! Tudo Bem? Eu espero que você, esteja bem! --------------------------------------------...
  2. Little Bug Correction.

    Little Bug Correction.
  3. Little Radio Bug Correction.

    Little Radio Bug Correction.

Latest reviews

they wear just tires or an npc in the car i dont now why its just not working
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Try this:

- Disable all the Mods you have;
- Erase the folder called "SVOBODA" that is inside of the folder "Settings" inside of the Mods folder;
its good but can you fix the wheels?
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
What is the problem with them?
Newest version causes new svoboda to not have a body. I own the game on steam btw, and i do not have the ricochet mod installed
one of the better standalone car mod but it seems to conflict with drivable ricochet, if you could fix this then I would be grateful. Thx!
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
You are Welcome. ;)
not working im still getting error :
And i removed the Mods.txt file...
Not working, the mod disabled itself. I tried to re-enable it, but it threw an error.:
The car is invisible and not drivable:
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Did you already tried to erase the Mods.txt file from the Save Game Folder?
Epic mod but after crashing a lot, the deformation is messed up.
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
It happens because i do not how to set up the Deformation script, and it is something that will make nobody wants to crash it. :D
i installed the XVII version and yet im getting an error and its the same one "nullreference exeption not set to an instance of an object" please tell me a way to fix it and yes i installed cdplayerbase and put svoboda.dll in mods folder and svoboda in assets folder. is there any mods in conflict with this mod?
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
I do not know what Mods can conflict with it, but i think you should try disable all the Mods, and, just let the Svoboda and the Cdplayerbase enabled, if it does not work, remove the Mods.txt file from the Save Game folder.
guys if you want the mod to work, put the svoboda.dll in the mod folder and the SVOBODA folder in the assets folder
In the console it says "object reference not set to an instance of an object" can you help me with it? And yes i have the latest version 1.6 and CDplayer base installed. btw the mod worked for some time but then the error appeared
Mate what is this, i got CD players and all files correctly, i dropped the Svoboda with the body color File in the images, and i start the game, and i get the highway Svoboda, copy pasted. with the same driver in it. driving it and he backed it up and kept crashing into stuff..and drove off.
and the car was not interactable.
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Hum... Try to load the game again, without get out of it.
Hi Enzo! I think it's a very good mod, but when I open the game, the MscLoader console drops an error about "NullReferenceException". I downloaded the outdated version of CdPlayerBase, i putted the two files to mods folder, and the "SVOBODA" nemed file to the assets folder, but the mod not works.
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Hum... Try to load the game again, without get out of it.
i have problem with mod when i instaled it an error in the consol came upp with NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Did you putted the Assets Folder?
not working
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
Did you putted the Assets Folder?
thank you enzo herbie for adding some of my suggest to the mod. I hope this mod can reach the level of panier or ricochet.
Cool mod of course and beatiful evolution !! Keep uploading !!
when i try to drive the svoboda it locks itself at full rpm and im not even holding or pressing the throtle Enzo can you fix this please?
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
It is already fixed on the new Update that will be released on somedays, but, until it, you need to disable the "Petteri Power" option.
i think you should add animated parts (doors, trunk, hood etc.) and fix hood opening in wrong direction also it would be super if you add engine modelling, working ignition and handbrake have a nice day <3
So idk wahts happening but the car wont spawn and its says in the console: Error: Mod SVOBODA throw an error! Details: Could not load file or assembly ‘CDPlayer, Version =, Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null’ or one of its dependencies. in Boolean MoveNext() Idk what this means but can you help me?
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
You need to install this Mod: https://www.*********.com/mysummercar/mods/286
IDK if im dumb but cant find the car anywhere, where should it spawn?
Enzo Herbie!
Enzo Herbie!
On the house.

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