Driving Through The Decades - 70 Years of F1 - 1975 Custom Championship

Driving Through The Decades - 70 Years of F1 - 1975 Custom Championship 0.9 beta

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70 Years of Formula One Mod 1975
(Career to follow)
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1975 (Freemium) *(Paid Track Mod can be swapped for Kunos Track)
The 1975 Formula One season was the 29th season of FIA Formula One motor racing contested from 12 January to 5 October over fourteen races. Niki Lauda often refers to 1975 as "the unbelievable year". In his second year with Ferrari, the team provided him with the Ferrari 312T – a car that was technically far superior to any of the competition. He won his first world title with five wins and a huge margin over second place in the championship. Following Graham Hill's death in the plane crash, this season marks the final time a 1950s debutant participated in Formula One.

Please note: This is not an actual representation of the year but more of a best-effort. Finding the right cars, tracks and skins has proven very difficult for the early decades. As such you may wish to swap some of the tracks for your favourites. (ie Sweden Anderstorp is 2007 version)

Car(s): ‘Search engine’ Formula One 1975 by Bazza
F1 1975 Skins : (main skins come with 1975 Car pack by BAZZA)

Tracks/Cars: All the tracks/cars/skins can be found using original AC tracks, Racedepartment, assettocorsaclub, Tarnhoerner, Legion or a google search.
Drag the champs folder into: Your PC\documents\assetto corsa folder (When you run Assetto Corsa or Content Manager you will find it under 'user championships'> '1975 F1 Championship'

Drag the Screens Folder into: Your PC\documents\assetto corsa folder (Provides backgrounds for each race)

Track Previews:
1. Drag file TRACK_NAME(preview).jpg into each separate track ui folder
2. Rename the original preview png 'orig_preview.png'
3. Change the copied file name to 'preview.png'

Drag and drop cozy61.lua to;
  • YourPc:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\extension\weather-controllers\sol\weather_plans
  • Activated from SOL PLAN SELECTOR Dynamic weather plan on right side of the screen when racing

Using 'Content Manager' all the parameters are adjustable

These two videos may assist you if you haven’t set up a User Championship before.

Assetto Corsa RSS F1 2020 Championship Guide to installing:

Cloning and amending any Assetto Corsa Custom Championship using Content Manager:

I recommend using 'Content Manager' - all the parameters are adjustable (See included youtube link for using content manager)

Content Manager can be downloaded for free (However, I do recommend paying for the full version to support its development and to get the full potential) here: https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html

I also use the following MODS for enhanced immersion

SOl v1.5/6:

Custom Shaders patch v1.52 or higher

As ever - please recognise all the hard work done by the mod community to help support any future development - Thank you

Hope you enjoy it and have as much fun as we have

Any constructive comments gratefully received

Stay safe and healthy. #KeepOnRacing #WeRaceAsOne #70yearsF1 #1975

Latest reviews

I finally got it to work. I am so happy. Just marvellous.
the incredible rich history of F1 digitalized , and that's stay alive through different games , web is marvelous.
the job to install this on assetto with CM is so few when i think to rfactor times :)
Would really love to run this championship but it keeps telling me I am missing the interlagos track. I cant seem to find the correct one. Any help is appreciated.
You need to go to the THR website and search under tracks for Interlagos 1975_[THR]
Thank you for making this SO much easier to set up
That's my Favourite F1 era ! Thanks :)
One of mine too

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