DTM 2023 Landgraf AMG #84

DTM 2023 Landgraf AMG #84 2023-06-23

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Car: bm_amg_evo_gt3_2020
BWT #84 - Jusuf Owega

I went with the BM Mercedes on this one guys, as much as i love the Mercer the speeds just arent there compared to the other cars in my grid... Anyway just going for the likeness guys
no where near a replica but have at it if your interested !!!



Anyone interested in donating, would really appreciate.. THANK YOU !!!!

Enjoy Guys !!!
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Latest reviews

Love it!
Great! thanks for sharing
Ignore the haters, your skins are one of the best on here!
what the hell happend to the stripes on the front wheel housing
make it yourself then dude... if you actually READ instead of just hatin you would have known i make these for personal use and share for those who are interested.. if you dont like it STFU and dont download it
Great skin one more time my friend! Good that you chose Bonnys AMG. For AI its better i think.

Great job. We have almost full 2023 DTM grid!
very nice detailed made DTM 2023 skins
Thank you for your work and that you share with us
hope for more
this weekend is DTM on Zandvoort
love the pink
I almost didn't even make this one man but he's been doing pretty well so had to add him lol... thanks tho brother!!!

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