DTM Mercedes HD

DTM Mercedes HD 1.0

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DTM Mercedes
Done in 4096
Thanks to @ML2166 for his 3D models and his Affalterbach logo :)
And thanks to @Henky SA once again to make the speccoc for me ;)
It's my 2nd skin and I hope you guys will like it :thumbsup:
copy and replace the livery_main in the version that you desire to :
<Drive>Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013\cars\me2 ;)
me fictional.5.jpg

me fictional.6.jpg
me fictional.7.jpg

Latest reviews

Nice skin Mr.Dovi, could I take inspiration from this skin to make my fantasy F1 2021 season mod (a.k.a. MyUniversalCareer S4)?

Thang Nguyen.
Dovi design
Dovi design
No. Of course not! Just kidding, feel free to use it. Just give me credit if you use it as a base
Horrible... is a black color make in paint?
Dovi design
Dovi design
No, it is in photoshop dude. It this your real ratings or you just rate it 1 star because i dislike some of your post
ur a pro great work can u please do one for peugeot
Dovi design
Dovi design
Thanks. About the Peugeot, i'll see ;)
Keep this up!
Dovi design
Dovi design
Thanks :)
Except you're a newbie, and it's one of your first works I give you 5 stars which hopefully will encourage you .
Dovi design
Dovi design
Thanks w1n1x :)
Nice, like that Black :)
Dovi design
Dovi design
Thanks :)

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Dovi design
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