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Hi there, I am working on modification for racing simulator Assetto Corsa. My mod will simulate piggyback ECU which you can use to modify behavior of the engine - change the boost threshold, shift the rev limiter or adjust fuel mixture, therefore affecting the engine power output. If you ever dreamed about tuning the engine this is the safe way how you can do it without breaking real engine.

For now it is available as mod for 10 cars , but with each new version, the number of supported cars increases.
Ferrari F40
Toyota Supra MK4
Nissan Skyline R34
Audi Qauttro Sport
Mazda Miata MX-5
Toyota AE86
BMW M3 E30
Audi R8 Plus
Nissan GTR
Mclaren F1 GTR

Moreover I am making on mod simulating full standalone ECU where you would be able to tune literally everything engine related - full control of fuel injection and ignition, ignition advance, anti-lag system, advanced traction control, etc. (Check my Patreon )

Always download updated ECU cars:
ECU Tuner cars

Use v1.12 version exclusively for career races!
Download new Ecu Tuner Career here

Pro Version with a lot more features only on Patreon

Already done :
FREE version

-realtime RPM limiter

-realtime Boost limiter (up to 2bar)

-realistic wastegate 7psi/15psi springs with different boost build times based on RPM, TPS, Gears

-Manual boost controller (0,5bar can be adjusted up to 0,9bar, 1bar spring can be adjusted up to 1,6bar )

-AFR info, MAP info

-ECU light(rev limiter, boost cut)

-PWM boost solenoid table (can be adjusted up to 2Bar)

-Injectors opening time correction table (0 is no correction, 50 is +50% injectors opening time, -50 is -50% opening time)

-Under 10AFR/over 17AFR engine will missfire progressively, 12.5-13AFR is full power(+10% over standard F40 on base boost)

-Knock sensors simulation (Fuel cut is activated in boost when AFR and Boost reach specific value, for example over 12.5AFR + 1bar boost = KNOCK )

-Ecu error codes (blinking, reading, clearing) and ecu codes list

-Ignition timing base map simulation

-Ignition timing affect also boost build time and AFR

Retard timing - faster spool up and richer AFR

Advance timing - slower spool up and leaner AFR

-knock sensors simulation for ignition timing

-Base maps(afr and timing) are for stock boost only. If You want bigger boost, You need to tune it!

-Ignition correction map (max 20deg advance or 20deg retard timing, every 1deg advance gain 2% of power, every 1deg retard loss 2% of power

-fuel pump

-Fuel pressure regulator


-fuel pressure sensor on rail


Patreon version:
Check updates on my Youtube channel or Patreon

How to install:
-unpack cars in Your "content\cars\" directory
-unpack Ecu_tuner in Your "apps\python\" directory


Latest updates

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  2. Ecu Tuner Pro v1.162

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Latest reviews

so apart from that I did not understand right away why we are talking about kpa instead of the engine load. it's pretty cool and realistic. I recommend the patreon
jan mak
MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor (kPa) is used for measuring load in turbo engines because TPS cannot define load in a forced induction engine, only in an atmospheric engine. Thank you for your review, I appreciate it.
I'd like to share my honest review about this amazing mod/app.

**Leveling up the game experience** 5/5
The fact we can literally modify the engine and tune the car to it's limits in assetto corsa, something that has never been done before is crazy!

**Unique** 5/5
Something never done before by anyone and brings the game to a new level.

**Features** 5/5
Even doe the Free version comes only with probably 1/3 or 1/4th even 1/5th of the features of the Pro version, the PRO version is totally worth it and you can do absolutely everything you can imagine as in real life piggyback ECU. It's full of thingies.

**User Friendly** 2/5
It is an amazing, but incredibly complicated application most suitable for car guys, mechanics, tuner and mainly people that understand engines and are in the car industry.
It is completely normal to not be user friendly, as an app from such a highly detailed and complex level!

**Creator Feedback/Response** 5/5
The creator of the app is responding and helping with any issues or misunderstanding with the application, even information on how to tune and giving advices on how to use the app.

Overall Feedback 4.5/5 and My Feedback is 5/5, because obviously I do not think that "user friendly" is a big factor, when the idea of the application is absolutely real life simulation.
It's completely normal to be super complex for 95% of the people.
Still that doesn't mean it's not an absolutely amazing creation.

Thank you!
Fantastic !!!!
Thank you for this great mod. Ican finally tune engine more realistically and i think car feels more alive now, hope for more cars support in the future. Will definitely support your work on patreon!

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