F1 1988 Championship

F1 1988 Championship 1.1

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Here you are the complete F1 1988 season career for AC


The skin to be used during the pre selected season is to Alboreto (Ferrari) but using Content Manager you can select the other available as well as change the various settings to your liking (difficulty etc.).
Version 1.1 compatible with SOL 2.2.1 by Peter Boese
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  1. F1 1988 Championship 1.1

    Now Compatible with SOL 2.2.1 by Peter Boese

Latest reviews

Great mod! Would be great to have full grid one day.
I can't get this championship to show in AC and/or Content Manager. I'm adding the folder to \Champs but it doesn't show.
Sorry for the late reply, you have to put in assettocorsa/content/career folder not in champs :)
For solvin your problems with missing gbW go to assettocorsa\content\weather and copy 105_gbW_2_Summer as 105_gbw_hot. Also copy 107_gbW_heavy_clouds bright to 107_gbW_sun breaks through. That should solve your problems. Excelet mod. Thanks
What version of gbW does it run on? The newest one does not seem compatible.
105_gbW_hot is missing on the weather. I can't play the championship.
track and all is great but i run into problem with content manager.. it says i do not have some track and some weather is missing..
Great Job !
Fantastic work, thank you for sharing.
Thanks to you for the rating! ;)

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