F1 1997 WCP

F1 1997 WCP 1.1

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The "F1 1997 WCP 1.1" is a great mod.

This is the first and only car mod that I have so far downloaded (out of dozens) where there are visible hands and arms in the cockpit view on the steering wheel. How the creators of this mod had the ability to do this -whereas other rfactor modders DON'T have this ability or knowledge- is strange and unknown.

This mod includes a decent amount of Formula 1 vehicles from the 1997 season...and the exterior of the cars are well detailed.

The driving physics of these Formula 1 cars seems to be 'perfect' --something that I have not yet experienced in any other rfactor Formula 1 mod: With traction control set to only 'medium,' the cars are not too easy and not too difficult to drive, using the keyboard. I will oversteer and spinout if I take a corner too tight or at too high a velocity, but steering with the keyboard is very very 'do-able' without being too aggravating and being forced to take a racing line too perfectly.
The vanilla F1 cars in the rfactor game are all too difficult to drive/steer even with traction control set to "maximum" (high), using the keyboard: It's as if the tires just don't have enough grip and one is forced to take racing lines absolutely perfectly.......and even then -using the keyboard- there are too many spinouts to make the experience of driving F1 cars 'do-able.'

Two minor flaws concerning this mod:
The F1 1997 WCP 1.1 Formula 1 cars don't have detailed gauges in the cockpit: No modern Formula 1 readouts -to say nothing of any speedometer. Hence, I never know how fast I'm going, nor do I have other pertinent information that I need.
Also, the cars in the rear view mirrors are somewhat distorted unrealistically...

Otherwise, I have finally found a nearly-perfect rfactor Formula 1 mod...

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