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F1 2007 mod DLC 1 Nurburgring and Istanbul add on tracks 1.0

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Nurburgring and Istanbul add on tracks

By aagancia

Please do not use any of this mod’s content without our permission!

We will not be responsible for any cases of files lost or damaged in your computer. Make sure to back up your F1 2012 game files before proceeding.

This install wizard is meant to be used with F1 2012- 2007 mod RC1.5. Using this update on default installation or a different mod will most likely result to errors.

This package involves a database update. You will most likely need to create a new profile. Please make sure to BACKUP your files before installation.


This mod is based on Nurburgring and Istanbul tracks released by Derpish found here:ürburgring-istanbul-park.521/
Credits and Thanks to Derpish for allowing us to use his work.

  • This package will install Nurburgring and Istanbul tracks on F1 2012- 2007 mod RC1.5.
  • The mod default round 10(Hockenheim) and round 12(Abu Dhabi) will be replaced with Nurburgring and Istanbul respectively. This will take effect in both quick race and career.
  • Hockenheim and Abu Dhabi will still be available in quick race.
  • Nurburgring and Istanbul comes with features specifically for the 2007 mod
· 2007 track adverts
· 2007 style car handling (ctf files)
· later AI braking (ai_vehicle_track.xml) specifically made for the new ctf files.
  • Abu Dhabi track adverts will be modified from the mod default's "Petrol Ofisi" to "Abu Dhabi", "Etihad"

Minor Issues
You may still experience minor issues when driving in Nurburgring and Istanbul as descibed by Derpish in his mod release thread. i.e. flying lap issue, ghosting issue, etc.

Car Setup
You will be able to save car setup for Nurburgring and Istanbul. However, you will not be able to save car setup for Hockenheim and Abu Dhabi since they now occupy the additional track slots.

You may use your favorite AI mod if you wish. However, please make sure to use ONLY the ai folder. Using the other files will cause mod errors and very early AI braking.

  1. Make sure your F1 2012 installation has the 2007 mod RC1.5 installed and running properly. If not, you may check for instructions here
  2. Download the DLC 1 installer from the links below.
3. Run F1 2012- 2007 DLC 1 Nurburgring and Istanbul RC1.5 part.exe. Make sure to select your F1 2012 installation folder.
4. OPTIONAL: If you are playing with Scott Speed in the Torro Rosso, download the Scott Speed option for DLC 1 files from the link below
  • Copy and paste the contents of the "Scott Speed option for DLC 1" into your F1 2012 installation folder. If not, skip this step.

If you wish to remove this DLC and revert to the mod's default RC1.5 settings, please download and run this package.
ATTENTION: doing this will most likely require you to create a new profile. Please BACKUP your files if you wish to uninstall this DLC.



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