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F1 2014 ERS mod 1.1

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This mod gives everyone the chance to feel what ers is like in f1 2014
because of the new sound their is no ers sounds and because of the new wheels with screens their is no animation for cars with screen displays.
You can use this on youtube with a link

Latest updates

  1. New to work with mclaren

    I have fixed some bugs like it not working with mclaren

Latest reviews

so good
Bit of a waste of time considering ERS isnt manually activated this season
This mod is great! I think all of the people who have bought the game should sue Codemasters because although the lights flicker in the dry meaning ERS is being used, it actually doesn't do anything and on their website it says feel the new turbocharged cars with ERS! LOL
how to use this mod?
The same as mralexf1. You cannot call it ERS!
Yo no voy a descargar este mod pero muchas gracias por hacerlo y te animo a que sigas haciendo mas.
jesse stevens
thanks mate
Great mod being able to see how much we have left would be great. Don't listen to all the negatives some people forget its just a game and although this may be useless to them. For some people it might just help with being more competitive. For example against the ai coming off some corners where they have all the grip in the world. If people don't want it or see the point then they don't have to download your mod or leave pointless 1 star reviews. Come on guys and girls don't knock somebody's hard work when your not going to even test it! Two words BE CONSTRUCTIVE.
jesse stevens
thanks mate
i don't think i can get a ers gauge working but thanks mate

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jesse stevens
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