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F1 2014 - Realistic Damage Mod 2014.1.1

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Greetings Everyone!

Last year I realised my Realistic Damage Mod for F1 2013 and it met with a lot of appreciation and warm welcome from your community. This year I'm bringing you the same modification for F1 2014. Nothing really changed compared to last year so everything will work the same way. Heck, as for me - F1 2014 is just F1 2013 with small v2 behind the name but well... I'm not here to judge anyone. Hope that next year brings something better.


F1 2014 Realistic Damage Mod will enhance your damage configuration. This means it will be much easier/harder (depending on your chosen settings) to damage your and/or AI car.

NOTE: BACK UP YOUR loose_parts_settings.xml BEFORE REPLACING the files.

IMPORTANT: Changing damage settings will make you unable to play Multiplayer. TO BE ABLE TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER USE THE FILE FROM "ORIGINAL DAMAGE" FOLDER!


1. Unpack the .rar archive.
2. Choose which damage settings should be changed to higher/lower values. There are 3 configs:

- Player [only]
- AI [only]
- Player & AI [both]

3. Choose your desired sensitivity:

- 1x (Very Small)
- 2x (Small)
- 3x (Medium)
- 4x (High)
- 5x (Very Realistic)
- 6x (Hardcore)

[The same as last year I recommend it to be set between 4x/5x but of course, feel free to use what you like the most]

4. Copy your desired loose_parts_settings.xml file to F1 2014 main game folder. Click YES to replace.
5. Play the game and ENJOY!


~~ 2014/10/19 - Missing file for Player (Setting 4) added

~~ 2014/10/18 - According to huge number of questions and messages I received last year I'd like to make a statement than of course I allow you to make videos and other medias in which you include or describe my Realistic Damage Mod. Just drop a link to download or information what you used so more people can experience the game in a better way.
Also, if you are an owner of other modification (for example Safety Car Mod we had last year which was connected with my Realistic Damage Mod), then feel free to drop me a private message on the forums. There is an option I could add my mod to your resources if they are good quality.

Latest reviews

its ok
its really good
thanks mate
Yep works perfectly. I think level 5 is a bit bs honestly because I tested it out on Monaco 3 times and stayed at the back letting the ai do it's thing and all 3 times more than 10 drivers retired so that's quiet unrealistic. Level 4 was much better so I think that level 4 is a bit more realisitc.
Can someone tell me how to make this work? I'm pretty sure I have done everything correctly but it still doesn't apply in game.
Works perfectly. I`m using this mode many years and had no problem. Thx guys. Rlly good job
didn't work on f1 2019 mod
I can confirm it is working to this day. For people saying it's not, you are probably installing it in a wrong way.
its not working for some reason
Not working on my PC. I tried everything said with every MOD. Please help on this
Does not even work!!I am pretty sure that I did everything right
Good mod!
it is not working. i dont understand in the directions when it says: Copy loose_parts_settings.xml file to your F1 2014
main folder. Then, replace the file. replace this file with what????????????
I love this mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
perfect mod
Undoubtedly, this mode is more realistic than the original thank you very much
This is the best mod for F1 games. I really like it because i can use it with other mods!
I can't believe Codemasters are not improving the damage system. I used this mod with F1 2014 since it's way better and more realistic than the original settings. Are you going to make this mod for F1 2015?
Wow Thanks Lots of Crashes

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