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F1 2014 Realistic mod 1.4

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This mod aims to improve realism in F1 2014 with a few changes :
- Williams is now better
- Ferrari and RB a bit slower
- Rosberg a bit faster
- Realistic damages for the player and AI
- AI is more aggressive and tries to overtake better in straight lines
-AI will try to overtake in corners if it has the opportunity but will not if there is a risk of crash
- AI will avoid crashes as much as possible in turns (so no longer a Monaco race with 3 cars crossing the finish line)

A short video at Monaco :

Let me know if I need to improve something and I will do my best.

Version 1.2 :
The mod is now compatible with the +7 tracks mod.
Just overwrite the database with the new one included if you want to use both.

Version 1.3 :
This update adds more realistic mistakes and failures for the AI.
- AI is more likely to make mistakes under pressure.
- AI and player can now suffer from engine, brakes or tyres failures with a realistic rate.

Latest updates

  1. Tweaked a few values

    I tweaked a few values after having encountered a minor problem in a race this morning.
  2. Adding Mistakes and Failures

    With this update, the AI is more likely to make mistakes and have brakes/engine/tyres failures...
  3. Compatible with +7 tracks mod

    Version 1.2 : The mod now include a database compatible with the +7 tracks mod. You just need to...

Latest reviews

nice mod but you blew it when you put ferrari to rb slower
Sumptuously. AI can be done faster?
Can you reduce the retirement on Monaco?!
Excellent mod :) Juste un problème à Monaco, au virage de la piscine : l'IA se crashe toujours, et je sais pas comment corriger ça
Very good
Can you please make a better AI P&Q (Q3) lap times and faster AI on these tracks: Abu Dhabi,Hungary,Bahrain,Brasil,Sepang
On your video - race starts at 0:10 and by the time of 0:37 I HEARD 7 (SEVEN) CRASHES !?!
Oh c'mon... you call that... realistic (mod) ??
Back to the drawing board I guess. :)
Simply increase damage without using my mod and you'll see if you still have all the cars running after one lap at Monaco ;)
Will this work multiplay?
No, this won't work online, only in split screen.
like it thanks!
Super ... thanks!
Great mod but can you make it compatible with my lastest F1 2015 mod thanks
Bon travail, ça relève un peu le niveau si médiocre de l'IA de base.
Love it! Could you maybe allow the database to be compatible withe the 7 additional tracks mod?
Sure, I will upload a compatible database tonight or tomorrow.
Merci !
Excellent work! :D
Thanks ;)
Félicitations pour ce mod. Merci.
Content que ça te plaise :)
this one is really good. together with some other mods, this game become a f1 game.
Thanks :)
You are french?
Hey Bro i tested ure mod and i can only say it is amazing this mod make this game much more real thx a lot can u pm me ? i dont know how it works
The .zip file I uploaded is corrupted, I will upload a new one ASAP.

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