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F1 2014 Ultra Leds HD FINAL

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Hello everyone,

Another year, another F1 game and the mods return to a brand new F1 game, so i started my work with the steering wheels leds that didn´t improve since last year. To give some more realism and real like feeling i did this ultra HD leds. To install it you will need the Ryder PSSG Editor tool that i post the link in the description.
Thank you and please leave some feedback.

It´s good to be back!!!

Credits: To Ryder25 for the Ryder PSSG Editor.


Leds lights on
Indicator display

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Latest reviews

Is there anyway to make the LEDs on the RB light up one by one? Thanks and great mod btw :)
Very good job but someone could explain to me how it is installed with the editor ??
I thought of your mod the first time I saw F1 2014 tralier
These are Really nice! Much better than the ingame ones. Thank you
Awesome,Thank you
Thank you!
Great! thx!
Nice work! Thanks!
nice, thx :-)
Great work, much better than the stock lights.
thanks bro
Can't wait to try these babies! ;)

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