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F1 2014: Williams Martini (Red Livery) 2014-12-06

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By the way i am new to this forum.
One of my friends recommended this website to me to download different mods for the Formula 1 Games.
Actually in this post i am not requiring any mod.
I changed the livery of Williams car because i actually like the Red Livery much more than the Blue one.
Unfortunately there is something that i can't edit. Because the codemasters bad dds file , the left side uses the mirror version of the right side. But there's only the right side on the dds so the "Racing" logo on the left side is mirrored. Also the "Martini" logo on the Rear wing isn't looking good. For some reason the "Martini" Logo on the rear wing is duplicated on the game. So there are two "Martini" logo on the rear wing. One on it's top and one on it's bottom. I couldn't fix any of these problems but if any of you can fix it please let me know.


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Technically white isn't a colour so it's almost 50% red , and the other is blue
very bad!
i think the title is a bit misleading.cause i downloaded it before you posted the screenshot thinking that it was the old school red martini livery that was on a brabham car ages ago.well its still a nice livery.good job
Thank you.
Probably if you read the overview you would have find out for what was i talking about.
can you do some PrtScr?

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