F1 2021 car performance for F1 2020

F1 2021 car performance for F1 2020 1.2

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F1 2021 car performance based on the 2021 game files and converted into 2020. Additional changes include: 10% increase to the dirty air effect going from 15% to 25% and 3% increase in DRS power, so now DRS + slipstream = dirty air effect to give a more realistic racing experience.

Fun tip: If you wish to make your ai racing more fun and challenging, set your setup downforce / drag levels equal to that of the ai. The ai uses the balanced setup so 5,6 wings and 5,7 ride height.

Front Runners: Mercedes, Redbull
Upper Midfield: Ferrari, McLaren
Lower Midfield: Alpha Tauri, Renault, Racing Point
Backmarkers: Williams, Alfa Romeo, Haas

Includes this mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/better-f1-2020-tyres.63235/

Icon pic: (Popular Networth, November 11th, 2022)

Latest updates

  1. Added Tyre Mod

    Added the better f1 2020 tyre mod.
  2. Career Mode Update

    Added career mode compatibility.

Latest reviews

Fantastic Mod enjoyed driving it keep this up!
very very nice mod
I enjoyed racing on it!
are you planning on doing for 2022 car performance, and no dirty air
Thanks! And no I'm currently not planning on making a 2022 mod, but if you wish to reduce the dirty air change this code in the XML files under F1 Aero:
from this
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="0.75>

to this, which is the base game dirty air
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="0.85>

Change it to this if you want no dirty air.
<m_aeroSlipStreamAirDensityScaleLift value="1.0>

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