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F1 2022 Names and Teams Changer 1.0

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  1. Use Cheat Engine to scan the F1 process for the Value Type: string of {o:mixed}Carlos{/o}.
  2. There should only be one result, copy and paste the resulting address (Ctrl+C works) into popup searh offset of the new item Game -> Find Offsets with Custom Start
  3. Should work as before!
  4. This will likely need to be repeated every time the game starts for it to work :)

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does it work for f1 23?
Same thing as Trapaca put, the Name Changer didn't seem to work even with the cheat engine, however I will keep looking. But then Cheat Engine stuff really did help, scanning F1 was so simple yet I don't know how I didn't think of that sooner. Thank you
if you do get it to work please send it to me ok :)
Unfortunately this "F1 Name Changer" program never works for me, the result is always F1 Process not detected. But your suggestion worked in my test here only using Cheat Engine, so I'll give it 5 stars. I play Grand Prix mode more, and what works for me in Grand Prix mode, I don't know if it works in other modes is: Go to the Cheat Engine, in value type choose string and paste {o:mixed}Carlos{/o } you can replace Carlos with the first name of any other driver you want to change, as you mentioned, only one result will be found, so add the only result found to the address list, double click on the name and a new window will open with your search result {o:mixed}Carlos{/o}, if you want to change to, for example, Nico Rosberg, just replace Carlos with Nico ROSBERG, during the game you will notice in the session grid that the name was changed from Carlos SAINZ to Nico ROSBERG, but in the race standings HUD the name SAINZ will still be there, so what worked for me was to do a new cheat engine search, add only SAINZ, without {o:mixed }{/o} some results will appear, drop them all down to the address list and change all to ROSBERG, so the last name will also change in the race standings HUD. Thanks for the idea.
let me know if it's not working

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