F1 2022 skinpack for the F-Ultimate Gen 2

F1 2022 skinpack for the F-Ultimate Gen 2 FINAL

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2022 Is a beginning of a new era of Formula 1
This pack brings the 2022 Season to AMS2

You can request custom skins on my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fenryr24

Thanks to @AFry for helping me make this beauties

The pack include:
  • High quality skins - Alpine and the base of the McLaren is made by: AFry
  • Real Driver names with realistic power rankings

Future Plans:
- Keep up with the real livery changes
- Balance the AI with real performance

Make sure to share your feedback, it means a lot :)

- Just drag the "Vehicles" and the "UserData" Folder from the .rar to the root folder of the game and overwrite EVERYTHING!

Customize the extra skin slots:
- I made a folder called "extra cars", in this you can choose between the Pink alpine, White RB, and Alfa Romeo Baku livery by renaming the file to:
  • extra slot 1.: "extra1"
  • extra slot 2.: "extra2"
  • extra slot 3.: "extra4"
  • extra slot 4.: "extra4"
  • For the previews do the same
  • extra slot 1.: "extra1P"
  • extra slot 2.: "extra2P"
  • extra slot 3.: "extra4P"
  • extra slot 4.: "extra4P"

If you want to support my work you can do it here:






Extra cars: [/MEDIA]

Latest updates

  1. Season Finale Update

    To end this beautiful season, i updated all the cars based on the AbuDhabiGP Ferrari: Added...
  2. Singapore GP Update

    Before you install this update delete the old files! This update brings you: - McLaren...
  3. Italian GP update

    - Every skin has got the new Fresnel and Specular maps (Finally Mercedes is chrome and Redbull...

Latest reviews

Simply amazing textures. It completely changes the game, it's like playing F1 22.
Great skins. Thanks!
awesome job!!!
Excellent work, thank you!
Hey, every car i load up is completely red like it has no textures, any help would be appreciated
Thanks for sharing the awesome work! Beginning to love AMS2 because of the recent update and this DLC made it more AWESOME!!
Thank you :)
really amazing skin pack, just noticed the yellow t-cam was missing from sebastian vettel's car, every other team seems to have a yellow t-cam but neither vettel nor stroll has it
Another great job. No words...Thanks.
Great stuff
Hello, the paintwork is excellent, the only small flaw on the Mercedes W13 is the exterior mirrors. The mounts definitely look different. Otherwise very very cool.
Thank you! I'll see what can i improve on the next update :)
well I know it s hard doing skins but take my advice.
All cars with BASELIVERY "Matte" aren t Matte in game. So generate "Matte" is like make a full black alpha-channel on all areas you want that "Matte" safe it to DXT 5. You don t need a fresnel or/and a specular map. So take your e.g Ferrari-dds, make a black alpha-channel and save it DXT 5 -that s all!

"Chrome" also doesn t work to me: The Aston Martin looks nice in chrome if you would change your fresnel-dds map reverse. That means a black fresnel means chrome shining on that areas.
Just AMAZING thanks a lot !!!
Excelente Aporte!
The white RB cars are not in the game available. The files don't match. The white RB cars are not named as extra cars and the xml file is missing the extra files. Please correct this thing and your mod is the best.
Thanks for reporting that. You have to rename the file and copy to the textures folder. I didn't named it bc i dont know where the ppl wanna put in of the 4 slots. Hope you enjoying the content! :)
This is excellent, thanks for awesome mod!

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