F1 22 cars in F1 23 [MODDING TEMPLATE]

F1 22 cars in F1 23 [MODDING TEMPLATE] 1.0

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Because of breaking point 2, we have the cars from f1 22 in f1 23. With a little work around, you can use the 22 cars instead of the carbon fibre cars!
This mod includes:
-Updated files to make the 22 cars work (every car)





How to use the mod

Because of the way that the erps are build with this mod (thanks to moonshot his version of ego erp archiver), the importing of the textures works slightly different. If you use the regular ego erp archiver from petar, the files will appear just normal. But to actually change the textures, you'll have to scroll down to find the 22 files, like in the picture. These are the 22 textures and will change if you import a different texture on them. For xml and pkg this works in the opposite way, so change the first files (alltho I wouldn't recommend changing the pkg files because it can break the mod.

With moonshot eea, it works easier. Because moonshot decided to set the textures in alphabetical order, you only have to edit the second file like in the picture bellow. Again like with the regular eea, edit the first pkg/xml files if you want to edit those

**known problems:
-Alpha Tauri steering wheel dashboard not working

(thanks to sinister for taking the pictures :))
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Latest reviews

This is awesome! With this, the possibilites of F1 22 skin mods in F1 23 can be possible.
Just Amazing, it's awesome to now have the '22 & the '23 season in my career. Well, at least the cars but it is the best start
Anoter W

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