F1 24 Season Mod

F1 24 Season Mod v1.3.0

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This mod is the work of multiple Venturi designers. Redistribution of this mod is strictly prohibited.

We know about the broken and invisible wheels on certain cars, you don't need to report it in the discussion or the reviews!

If you are a content creator wanting to use this mod we are more than welcome for you to use it, however appropriate credit must be given to the mod with a link to the mod!

This mod will not work in multiplayer. Do not access any part of F1 23 Online or F1 World or you will be banned in the current game instance.

Welcome to the 2024 Formula 1 Season! This mod pack attempts to recreate liveries and other aspects from the F1 2024 season! This mod includes all 10 .

See the progress checklist to see the current progression of the mod pack!

A "read me" file is included in the mod pack to assist with installation and deletion of the mod.

Want some extras for the F1 24 Season Mod? Download the Track Addon by clicking here

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Known Issues
- All floor decals not currently added
- Mercedes driver numbers display as McLaren driver numbers [apart from 44, 63]
- Not being able to change camera on the Mercedes
- Some cars have invisible steering wheels or missing components from the wheels
- Ferrari driver numbers appear transparent [excludes 16, 55]

Check out these videos that include our mod!
EN CFRacing
[Mod v1.0.10]

EN Aarava [Mod v1.0.13]

ES Sevi87 [Mod v1.0.10 | VCARB, Williams and Aston in video are not part of this mod]

DE Kaje MG [Mod v01.0.10]







Latest updates

  1. Added McLaren's Monaco GP Senna tribute Livery

    - Added an extra option for McLaren's Monaco GP Senna tribute Livery
  2. Added V-CARB's Miami GP Livery

    - Added an extra option for V-CARB's Miami GP Livery
  3. Updated Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren

    - Updated Ferrari SF24 to Miami spec - Updated McLaren MCL38 to Miami spec - Updated Mercedes...

Latest reviews

I don't know about this one, but the Haas numbers are overlaying the Haas logo, it's not in the right place.
Thank you, you are legend mate! Love.
Thanks for the latest update the Aston in the original chassis looks sick
If you're just looking for liveries then this is an alright mod.

The bugs with the steering wheels still haven't been fixed.
All the cars are on the FOM Chassis so if you're looking for an authentic F1 24 Experience this isn't the mod for you.

Every year I usually get pretty excited for the season mods to come out, with the Lucas Designs mods usually being the best IMO, but this has to probably be the worst season mod we've had for a game yet.

May just be personal but the FOM chassis for every single car, poor looking liveries and bugged out steering wheels, really remove the immersion of an F1 24 Experience.
Awesome mod! I have an issue though. The Aston Martins are consistently getting pole on every race i play. Is this a bug or a feature?
We haven't touched anything to do with performance in the mod, only visual stuff.
I don't understand people who get angry and nasty with modders who do this for free. I am quite happy and grateful to them. Keep up the good work, please.
Instead of updating the mod, he prefers to spend time deleting reviews. He gave up on it and there are crucial errors that wont get fixed.
We have not abandoned the mod, in fact we are still working on things behind the scenes. This is not a full time job, this is a hobby, and so we are working like it is out hobby. If we were doing it like a job, we would have made a new game entirely
Keeps crashing please fix because cars look really good. It crashes when your picking a car for a race btw.
läüft perfekt bis auf eins leider stimmt bei mir nicht der team name alles versucht immer noch alfa romeo und alfa tauri drin was mach ich falsch
since the owner of the mod is lazy, i fixed the invisible steering wheels my self. to solve it i downloaded an aston martin 2024 and rb visa 2024 paints to replace the currents from the mod. for the haas i just deleted the files with haas from the mod, i think haas is kinda cursed, every paint job i downloaded the steering wheel was invisible. but i think not too much people cares about the haas paint lol, its almost the same from 2023. j_merrin.53 will probably delete my comment saying this isnt a review :P. anyways, if he deletes it, ill post again.
Downloaded this and custom installed it just for the KICK Sauber skin and team livery. 10/10.
Appreciate the incredible hard work gone into this.

But, just for the memes, I feel compelled to say "mY sTeEriNg wHeELs aRe miSsiNg pLs fiX" :D
Muy bueno el mod
Is it normal that some steering wheels don't appear? They're invisible on Haas, Aston Martin,RB Cash App
can it also be put on f1 22?
No, otherwise the mod would have been uploaded in the F1 22 section
Fantastic MOD, the ferrari is perfect
the mod is good, the liveries are in good quality, but the aston martin and haas steering wheel is partially invisible. hope it can be fixed soon
Please read the noted issues before leaving a review that has been said already dozens of times. We are aware of it and are actively investigating it
in ea app, dont have screen in race (black screen on track but i can play with the black screen)
When I open the carrer mode and this crash
is there a chance to you mod vehicle performances aswell that would be very nice
it works on the ea game?

Latest News

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4.24 star(s) 50 ratings

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