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F1 Life+ | Super Car Grid Beta 1.0

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There are no McLaren Super cars on the grid as they cause the game to crash when swapped with an F1 car

Using too high of an AI difficulty will cause them to run wide on exits of heavy braking zones, the ai level varies between tracks

In My Team and Driver Career, only the front and rear downforce upgrades, Drag Upgrades and Weight Reduction upgrades will have an effect on the performance

All of the cars are Equal Performance as having them as their respective performance caused 10 second+ time gaps in-between each car type

Fixed AI
Full livery support

Ferrari - Ferrari F8 Tributo
Alfa Romeo - Ferrari F8 Tributo
My Team Ferrari - Ferrari F8 Tributo
Mercedes - Mercedes AMG GTR Pro
Williams - Mercedes AMG GTR Pro
Red Bull - Aston Martin DB11
Alpha Tauri - Aston Martin DB11
My Team Honda - Aston Martin DB11
McLaren - Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
Alpine - Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
My Team Mercedes - Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
My Team Renault - Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
Aston Martin - Aston Martin Vantage
Haas - Ferrari Roma

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Copy and Paste the "2022_asset_groups" folder into the f1 game base directory

This mod is in beta, please understand that there will be bugs that will take time to fix
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Looks good, i've followed the instructions but i cant seem to get it working? any tips please
Great job!! I was waiting for a mod like this, thank you!

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