F1 season 1988

F1 season 1988 v1.1

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Latest reviews

Great mod but I think Thang Nguyen should make Real 1988 drivers mod since you made false drivers (for an example Michael Schumacher and Johnny Herbert were replaced by Thierry Boutsen and Alessandro Nannini.). Right @Thang Nguyen?
Guaranteed fun. It works well considering the limitations of the game. Thank you.
nice why is on spanish ?
Beautiful mod! Muy chulo, me encanta!! Thanks!
Pretty ok I think....but cannot play as I do not speak spanish and the mod modifies my onscreen language. Once fixed I tell you more. :)
Your mod is cool... but just for the view. Full of bugs, make pc crash or stalled. Impossible to do more than a single season. I test it with a true copy of the game and also with a craked. Same result... I'm very dissapointed...
I would just like to say that this Mod is absolutely great. Though, it does have problems, and I'd like to warn others the problems that it has or that I had with it. Before, I start including all of that though, I would like to include. That this is a absolutely fantastic mod. Nothing is perfect, anyways.

What I liked....

What I enjoyed the most for this mod is defiantly being able to race against the 1988 seasons drivers. Including many greats like Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, Gerhard Berger, and plenty of other greats too. I also enjoyed being able to race apart of another team against these greats, and being able to actually compete with them. The designs on the cars in my opinion were quite excellent, and the designs put onto the drivers were quite excellent as well. Now with that said..

What I had problems with....

What I had problems with was firstly the Young Drivers Test. You have to complete the first Day to even be able to play on the Career, and that wouldn't be a problem. Minus that one of the objectives that you have to complete involves you having to do a few turns to hit each blue mark, only to fly down the straight away at a certain speed. The thing is you only get the last mark by hitting a certain speed on the straight away, which you cannot hit. Why, because the cars are limited to 6 gears so it cannot reach that certain. I'm not complaining that the cars only have 6 gears. I could care less honestly. It's just the fact, that I cannot beat that Young Drivers test objective, so I can go onto the next one to be able to play the Career Mode. Another thing that I had problems with was since I couldn't play the Career Mode, I decided I was going to play the tab right beside the Career Mode. ( Apologies I cannot remember what it is called, all I know is you pick a rival, and try to beat him to take his drive.) Anyways, I decided to play that. Which the first race works perfectly, and I cannot get enough of it. It was hands down, the most fun I've had on a F1 Game before. Though, on the 2nd race. It will not load, I have tried numerous amounts of time. It just won't load. ( The track I believe is Imola, Italy) Which has me wondering if the track on that certain tab that I was playing on just doesn't work all together, and the whole mod is only playable on the Career Mode. Which is what I'm just assuming. The last problem I had with it is it isn't in any other language (preferably English) at all. I don't even know what language it is in right now, honestly. Although, " I " was able to navigate myself on my own, without the need of English, because I've played F1 2013 for so many hours, that I memorized all the buttons, and tabs; including what each of them do. Though for someone who doesn't have good memory skills, as I do. That would be bad if they didn't speak whatever language it is in, this also includes the Intro. The Intro had me geeking out, and had me all excited yet I couldn't understand it. Which in the end upset me, though every time the game starts. I gotta keep watching it regardless.

This mod is absolutely great like I said though it has a few problems, and maybe it's just me as the user. I feel that this mod deserve a 5/5 but with language problem, and the young drivers test problem I had with it. I feel it deserve a more respectable 4. Though, I myself am going to try and find ways to improve it in my on way. I would greatly appreciate though if you came back, and polished it up more. I really love this mod, and it could be even better. You could even create another season. This type of mod is a gate way for many other great mods to come. Good job man!
Thanks for the info! me is very useful.
Regarding the problem of Imola, do not have the DLC of 90 was installed, many tubieron that mistake and fix it with the DLC (although it may be my fault for not indicate the need)
Another mistake is the maximum speed of the cars in "new drivers". the error already solved, but the page erase my patch along with the mod because it violated the policies of use of the website. (I'll have to rearrange)
And finally I have to put the originals pilots as there were a problem and had to put fantasia drivers such as Schumacher (who then no they ran in F1)
I hope this answers some things and I will continue working on to earn the 5 stars.
and sorry for my bad English.

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