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ferito-blueflag 0.9.5

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The goal of this application is provide a mechanism to notify the driver of the proximity of another driver that is close to lap him. This is a very simple application and is my first attempt to develop a Python application on AC.

Latest updates

  1. fix to corrupted third party lib

    0.9.5 Updates include a fix to a corrupted third party library included by mistake. Sorry for...
  2. removed reference to old library

    0.9.4 removed a reference to an old library that may generate issues on certain conditions
  3. 64/32 bits compatibility with v1.3

    0.9.3 Compatible with v1.3 new 64/32bits architecture

Latest reviews

Excellent app, very useful :) Is there any chance you can outline what the lines in the ini do (specifically splineThreshold, speedTriggerThreshold, and updateThreshold?)
Non compatible with odometer :'(
Im sure it's excellent, but can someone carefully explain how to install? I thought I did it, but can't see any flags?
I'm new needless to say :(
Nice app and would be even nicer if it was completely transparent when there wasn't any flags !
Can't thank you enough. Invaluable app!
very nice friend
Very nice!
Now you receive my lacking 5th star:
This 0.9 update bring the flags obviously with their green or blue colors.
Well done Fernando !
Great APP, we finally have blue flags in AC! No more excuses!
Tried and approved. Thanks.
Thanks I will test it tonight
It's actually absurd this is not in the game as of yet... Is Kunos going to be able to make this Sim work well this time around? I certainly hope so, but I still have that feeling it's going to die rather quickly

Thanks for this app though, I will test it right now :)
Nice idea !!! I try it this eve.


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