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ferito-liveCarTracker 0.9.5

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ferito-LiveCarTracker is a live car tracking window that display the distance, in time, of the cars relative to the drivers car position.
This application is very similar to the iRacing relative cars panel.
It works on single and multiplayer sessions.
On practice and qualify sessions, it display the relative position to the cars ahead and behind.
On race session it also show cars that are ahead on race (cars that are close to lap the driver) and cars behind on race (cars that are close to be lapped by the driver)
Opacity, number of slots to display, font size and colors can be defined on a configuration file.
Notification flags for race session (start, last lap, finish) and blue flag notifications are included.

Unzip the file on your Assetto Corsa folder, usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

On the config folder there is a ferito-LiveCarTracker.ini file.
updateThreshold = 0.1
blueFlagThreshold = 2.5
numberOfCars = 4
decimals = 1
debug = 0
defaultColor = 0xFFFFFF
playerColor = 0xFFFF00
aheadColor = 0xFF0000
behindColor = 0x0000FF

updateThreshold is the frequency the app updates the information. Lower values will update more frequently.
blueFlagThreshold is the diference in seconds from a car that will lap the driver that will trigger a blue flag notification
numberOfCars are the number of slots above and below the driver slot. For example, a value of 4 will display 4 cars above and 4 cars below.
decimals define how many decimal numbers to show on the delta time
debug is used for development only
opacity is the opacity level of the app window. Higher values makes it more opaque, lower more transparent
colors are the hex color representation 0xRRBBGG (web colors if you like) for each type of slot. aheadColor and behindColor refers to cars that are going to be lapped or lap the driver.

Known issues
- A bug at the start finish line, particulary at the start of race, that temporary shows drivers as lappers or being lapped.
- A bug during the first lap that shows disconnected or parked cars on pits on position ahead to the player. This is corrected once the player finished his first lap. Trying to figure out how to work around this, hoping he AC python API gets fixed.
- Time distance algorithm can be improved

Special Note
If an addon track does not have the correct length format on its ui_track.json file, the application will not show the correct deltas between the cars.

For example, this is the AC silverstone length information: "length": "5901",
Addon track Donnington has: "length": "4.020m", which is pretty wacked as it states is meters not even km

Tracks like Barbagallo has "length": "2.411km", which does not follow the standard, but with an effort the length can properly being retrieved.


Latest updates

  1. fix to corrupted third party lib

    0.9.5 Updates include a fix to a corrupted third party library included by mistake. Sorry for...
  2. removed reference to old library

    0.9.4 removed a reference to an old library that may generate issues on certain conditions
  3. 64/32 bits compatibility with v1.3

    0.9.3 Compatible with v1.3 new 64/32bits architecture

Latest reviews

Exelente! Como comentaron en ingles, me falta la opción de quitar los titulos de la app... pero funciona fantasticamente! Gracias!
Great, much better than the default AC App.
Great app. It helps a lot to control your pace and to understand how close you really are to the other cars. Thanks.
I love this app, but it needs an option to hide the title bar and maybe even the Pos/Driver/Lap/Diff line of the table.
So as it would only display the actual info.
Awesome, thanks!
Really useful app. I appreciate the frequent updates and improvements too.
Wonderful app!

Btw, why aren't colors changing as they should?

updateThreshold = 0.1
blueFlagThreshold = 2.5
numberOfCars = 1
debug = 0
decimals = 3
opacity = 1.5
fontSize = 20
defaultColor = 0xFFFFFF
playerColor = 0xFFFF00
aheadColor = 0xFF0000
behindColor = 0x006400

Behind should be green and ahead should be red?
Fernando Deutsch
Fernando Deutsch
It worked for me. You use a kind of dark green. What are you getting. You can respond on the Discussion topic
Thanks a lot
Gracias, Ferito. Muy buena App!
Un gepelero ;)
Great app. , thanks !
thanks update but checkered flag always, other flags no popup
and ahead car + second, behind car - second
As far as I know ahead car -second, behind car +second
Fernando Deutsch
Fernando Deutsch
The application is based on the iRacing relative panel, where cars ahead have positive values and cars behind negative.
I have not experience the checkered flag always, unless the race is well done.
Some problems with retired cars, but after you cross the finishing line of the lap, in which they retired they're gone. Update will fix it, right?
Fernando Deutsch
Fernando Deutsch
Hi, I will just need a more detail description of the problem a retired car generates, if they show incorrectly on the list or what is it.
Can't color change?
what is color cod 0xFFFFFF 0xFFFF00.....
Fernando Deutsch
Fernando Deutsch
0xFFFFFF is a hexadecimal number that represents a color value. This is kind of an standard in computer industry

0xRRGGBB where RR is the red part, GG green part and BB blue part. Range value goes from 00 (0) to FF (255). So white would be 0xFFFFFF and full red 0xFF0000. Gray would be 0xCCCCCC and so on.

This table may help you look for a particular color
This is exactly what I have been wanting in an app.

Thank you

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