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This is an Assetto Corsa Server Plugin which will generate JSON files with information from finished sessions (Practice, Qualify, Race) into a specific folder.
Optionally, the plugin can publish these JSON files via a regular HTTP POST request to a server.

Uncompress the complete folder on the same folder where the acServer.exe is located.

Make sure there is a 'results' folder where the acServer.exe is located, as the plugin requires the generated JSON files from the acServer.exe to complement the information generated by the plugin.

The plugin uses the ferito-serverPlugin.xml file for configuring options. Please refer to the file content for sample configuration.

  • jsonFolder - relative path from where the plugin is installed where the generated JSON files will be stored
  • jsonDestinationURL - Contains the URL to where the generated JSON files are sent via HTTP POST. If empty, the JSON files will not be sent to any server.
  • sessionServerName - server name value to be included on the JSON root serverName attribute.

  • acServerIPAddress - IP address where Assetto Corsa is located. This will be the same value of the UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS before the ':' character on the server_cfg.ini file of acServer.exe
  • udpPort - Port used by the plugin to listen to events. This must be the same value as the UDP_PLUGIN_ADDRESS after the ':' character on the server_cfg.ini file of acServer.exe
  • acServerIPPort - Port used to perform requests from the plugin to acServer. This must be the same value as the UDP_PLUGIN_LOCAL_PORT on the server_cfg.ini file of acServer.exe
  • acServerPath - Full path of where acServer.exe is located

  • logToFile - true if logging information will be sent to a file, any different value will not log information to the log file
  • logFilename - filename of the generated logfile

The 'ferito-serverPlugin-results' folder contains generated JSON files samples.

If the plugin crashes,it does not affect in any way the Assetto Corsa server. It will continue to run without any issues.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress. JSON layout may change very little, but is planned include more information as progress goes by.
This plugin will get better if its being used and tested. Is very hard for me to do testing on my local server with only one driver.
Any feedback is more than welcome. Also please if possible compare the race results with what is generated on the JSON files. The plugin tries to overcome the known issues of Assetto Corsa race results when users disconnects and connects to the server before the race session ends.
Also please include the generated log file so debugging would be possible, indicating if possible a close timestamp of the sessions to be reviewed.

I am not responsible of any damage to software or hardware generated directly or indirectly by the use of this software.

Hope you find this useful.


Latest updates

  1. fixes incorrect results from abandoned/joined drivers during race fixes incorrect results from abandoned/joined drivers during race
  2. update for AC 1.2.5 Compatibility with 1.2.5 acServer protocol. Added numberOfDrivers to the generated JSON...
  3. Added JSON data Added sessionServerName on the xml settings. This value will be included on the JSON...

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