Ferrari 2023 Concept (Modular Mods)

Ferrari 2023 Concept (Modular Mods) 1.0

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Hi everyone im back with a new concept, this time with Ferrari, hope you enjoy. :thumbsup:

Coming soon:

screen 1.png

screen 2.png

I also made the halo look more complete adding the ''Santander sponsor''.

halo 1.jpg

Little note: This car model has a bug, you can only see the Santander sponsor on the halo only when you are very near to the car like the TV Pod if you go away it will disappear, and i also racomend to put the crowd effect maximum on ''High'', because on ''Very High'' the sponsor will disappear. Btw i made another version without it if you don't want to use it.
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  1. Driversuit Out!

    Hi everyone, the driversuit is finally here, just some basic changes.

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Really good design! I love the more vibrant red and also the Horse and stripes design on the engine cover. Is is possible to make a version with the default rear wing eventually? (No Ferrari on one side and Velas on the rear with no red on sides)

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