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Ferrari 312PB Alternative Physics Data 20230517

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Physics changes for Ferrari 312PB.
This is based on Legion 312PB. ACL 312PB has different center of gravity and may need to change visual model config as well.

Changelogs 20230517:
- Used bazza's torque data which should give ~465bhp @ 10800rpm
- Reworked aerodynamics parameters based on static calculations aiming 201kg downforce and 168kg drag @ 241kph=150mph=67.0m/s, with a L/D ratio of 1.2. The actual dynamic numbers may be better; haven't touched CL/CD LUTs.
The drag is a little bit on the optimistic side or more suitable for the 1973 version w/ lengthened body.
This will give a top speed of 330+kph combined with the revised power.
Downforce is 35% front, compared to 38% front weight (unchanged).
Reference: Porsche 908/3 (L/D=1.09), Porsche 936/77 (L/D=1.345); little reason to believe 312PB will have an L/D lower than 1 (0.6~0.7 are the numbers in all the mods I can find).
- Fixed weight to 725kg (only Legion 312PB have the wrong weight; FIA Appendix J minimum weight 650kg+75kg=725kg)
- Revised inertia, reference dimensions is now 97% width, 97% height and 85% length (just a way to approximate things).
- I have also left over two CM tire machine-generated GP 70s slicks which may either be a good enough representation or too grippy. The original "GP67" tire is retained. Feel free to modify (as the case for the rest of the data).

1972 Spa 1000km pole time: 3:20.4
1973 Spa 1000km pole time: 3:12.7 (All-time 1947-78 layout fastest lap)

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