Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale soundmod

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale soundmod 1.1.6b

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*****************Ferrari 360 Challange Stradale********************

Due to illegal sharing of third party models according to Kunos I will have to present the mods ONLY with official content so now you know why...

- Multiple idle sound samples when rotating 360 degrees around the car
- Added TSS (Tyre Sound Simulation). Never seen before in AC
- Original semi automatic gearshifting sound implemented

Please rate 5 stars if you like the content

Cheers ;)

Latest updates

  1. minor impovements

    Now the sfx file is intended for the actual car and not a replacement for the 458 italia
  2. removed annoying backfire, will replace with genuine one soon

    soon new backfire sound wil be implemented

Latest reviews

Hello. Realy nice sound. Probably sound need a update. I have a 1.16.3 version of assetto corsa and the external sound is broken. Any solution for this issue? Anyone have this sound updated? If yes, please share. Thanks..
I think this mod is great but the high frequencies are is the 5th star ;)
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
High frequencies of what exactly? Glad you liked it ;)
It would of been better if you didn't kill the high freq from that sample video. I think losing all that character isn't worth hiding the noise for
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
The program tends to lower the quality sometimes, but if you have tried it I respect your opinion
Very good sound mod, maybe for the next update you could consider making it a bit rougher (more metallic i guess) and somehow louder when idle/low revs. Thanks for sharing!
Great work ! thank :-)
Good work, sounds great, thanks, it would be nice to have the Lamborghini Huracan .
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
I have already made a soundmod för the huracan!! Lol
thx for sharing

ah ah,i give you the last two stars missing back
So you want the users to rename the banks and replace the strings in the guids.txt for themselves to make it work with the given mod?? And what's 'Ferari 458 first sound mod' for?
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
First mod is the soundmod for the Ferrari 458 italia so this is temporary until someone makes a model of the 360 CS. No reason to rate only 3 stars...

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