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Ferrari 488 gtb skinpack 1.0

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Standard there are few body colors to choose from for the Ferrari 488 gtb. Based on the factory list I tried to replicate the colors of the Ferrari 488 gtb. Now you have 30 colors to choose from.

Next to that there are 14 interior colors which you can swap to your liking.

The pack contains three folders; the content folder, inside is the skin folder for the game, an Interior folder and an Exterior folder. Both Interior and Exterior folder are for archive purposes. You can’t install them in de game directory. If you want another brake calliper color for instance, go to the Exterior folder, then to the Brake calliper color folder, then to the color that you want, copy the content and paste it in the skin folder of your choice.

Also I gave the 488 a set of Pirelli’s.

For those who use Content Manager and Custom Shader Patch, I included my settings for the body colors( a better metallic effect) and less shiny tyres.

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Amazing job!

Exterior and Interior folder are very handy. I wish other skin moder provides such thing.
Great job!
Thank you!
I love them, thanks
Thank you!

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