Ferrari 499P [PHYSICS]

Ferrari 499P [PHYSICS] 1.3b FIX

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My first physics mod upload, so there's probably many things to improve but i thought it would be best to take feedback as well :)
I'll note that info on this car is very very little and i did my best to make data for it.


Don't forget to combine the new physics with my reworked liveries for maximum features!

What's changed:
  • Updated ICE performance (672hp at the crank (1.1 at the wheels))
  • Updated Hybrid deployment and power (Hybrid now correctly deploys at 190kph giving full AWD with 899MJ per lap available (1.1 899MJ per stint, ~64MJ per lap for 14 lap stints))
  • Updated car mass to 1030kg (1.1 1040kg) (1105kg with driver)
  • Updated brakes and added brake temp
Suspension and drivetrain have been mostly unchainged, maybe some little changes i forgot to note, but nothing much.
Aero is unchanged but i'd like to tackle it (maybe run cfd to collect data?).

NOTE: The car currently has incorrect values for hybrid power as i didn't understand the units of the file, if anyone has any knowledge on this, or in ac physics in general, please contact me to fix it :)
(1.1 The hybrid power is now correct. Check update 1.1 notes for details)

NOTE2: The car right now has maximum engine and hybrid power so in theory it wouldn't be realistic to run against other hypercars as it would produce much more power. After I figure out the hybrid fully, i'll make another version with the correct 509kW power limit.
(1.1 The powertain has been tuned to make 509kW total. Check update 1.1 notes for more info on how the system works)


-ICE power curve (follows standard hypercar power curve)-

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.3b FIX

    Please update to this version to potentially fix the crash issues. If the problem is fixed do...
  2. Update 1.3b

    Small fix to the wastegate controller and ers capacity. Also increased the weight to 1064kg...
  3. Update 1.3

    A realtively small aero update (much needed for the car, but relatively small in comparison to...

Latest reviews

how do i install it, is it drag and drop into cm?
No, it's a manual install. Place the data folder inside the car's folder and you're good
The car drives much better now. I can feel when the AWD kicks in. The car still gets outran by the BMW, the Caddy and URDs GR010. Great job on this one.
Thanks for the review mate! If you can, send me some data of the testing you did compared to the other cars, so I can further improve it!
Great job, thank you! It is possible to do the same for the Porsche 963 lmdh?
Might do that, although there's already a very good physics mod for that
Thanks, how close would this be to the 963 LMDH physics also here?
No prob! I don't know because I haven't tested them together. The purpose of this mod is mostly to give a more realistic performance to the real car, not really to make it match the others. Right now it's not realistic but I have some updates coming that'll bring it closer
amazing, thank u. I was also wondering, do u think u could do a physics mod for the fsr dpis? and mazda dpi? they seem just to slow. thanks though for the update
Thanks mate! Glad you liked it! I don't think i'll be making physics for those cars for now because i'm already working on a ton of projects XD
It was needed, much better handling
Thank you! This is just the start, I want to make it as realistic as possible!
Excellent work. Love the skins as well!
Thanks mate! Glad you liekd the skins also!

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