Ferrari Career Season Helmetpack - 11 Helmets [SemiMoMods]

Ferrari Career Season Helmetpack - 11 Helmets [SemiMoMods] 2

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A full season worth of Ferrari helmets for your career!
The Copy & Paste variant replaces the Aiden Jackson helmet
Files for manual installation are included.

Currently these are the helmets included:
  1. the default blue and yellow helmet
  2. Miami Special, inspired by the colors of the Miami Dolphins
  3. Imola Special helmet, with the San Marino flag and dark red color scheme
  4. Monaco Special with two tone design and red applications
  5. Silverstone Special in british racing green and the Union Jack
  6. Monza Special with Ferrari yellow and a tribute to Italy's olive farms
  7. Suzuka Special inspired by 'Pink for Papa' by Jenson Button and Cherry Blossom
  8. Qatar Special inspired by the Qatar flag and Hamiltons helmet
  9. Austin Special inspired by the Huston Texas football team
  10. Sao Paolo Special inspired by the brazilian football kit and Senna helmet
  11. Las Vegas Special inspired by the Las Vegas Raiders
  12. Abu Dhabi Special inspired by Asteroid City



I took the base design from the Leclerc design and adapted it to be a bit more general and varied.

Have fun with a full season's worth of helmets and specials!

Latest updates

  1. Update to Copy & Paste and helmet model

    Update notes: switched from simple Copy & Paste to SemiMoMods switched from Aiden Jackson...

Latest reviews

how do i install it, i dont see any installing instructions, help pls
You have to use SemiMoMods for Copy&Paste installation, same as any helmet that uses SemiMoMods
Great Helmets!
But 4 Stars because the helmets go onto the genesis helmet,which isnt a real problem and could be my fault. And the Suzuka folders just empty
Love all the designs, just a personal preference that I'm not a massive fan of the game. Is there any way you could do these designs (besides Vegas and Qatar) for last year's game?
You can transfer them to ModularMods from 22 via the ERP files without any issues
Thank you for switching to SemiMoMods. Everything works for me now. Helmets are perfect.
These really look insane. Would it be possible to get on the common00 instead of the aiden jackson files, cause not everyone got the champions edition.
Fire! But I'm a rookie driver for Alpha Tauri LOL I would love season helmets for AT. Well that is until I sign with another team. haha
Las Vegas helmet looks fireeee
I didnt downloaded it yet, but i suppose that renaming the helmet .erp and .assetgroup and all the textures to customcommon00 should work aswell, little bit annoying but if you do it like that you dont need to have aidens helmet, right?
beautiful very good work I love it
how to get that Aiden Jackson helemt in game ?
I believe you need the Champions Edition (though I may be wrong on that), but you can always use the EGO archiver to install the textures on any helmet you want.
So cool. Could you do Red Bull as well?
Planning to do one for each team but I'm always limited by the amount of inspiration/motivation I have for this ^^
this is fire
Beautiful work, congratulations! Please, I hope you make one from Mercedes, hug.
See comment above, but Red Bull and Mercedes would be high on the list
These are amazing!! Good job!
WOW! Can you do that the same for Mercedes?

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