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Ferrari F2004 Sound Mods 1.2

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This is a sound mod for the Kunos Ferrari F2004 car DLC (Ferrari 70th Anniversary Pack)/mod.

Ver-A preview

Ver-B preview

Just copy the content folder to assettocorsa directory and have fun with this sound mod!
Also I accept feedbacks and some advice for improving on FMOD Studio.

For content creators:
If you are uploading a video with one of my sound mods please
mention me and share the source video link directly.

For modders:
If you want to incorporate my sound on your mods ask me via DM here on RD or on Discord as @prophetimus_11.

Latest updates

  1. Ver-A update

    Ver-A sound mod updated!! - Better downshifts sounds.
  2. Ver-A fix

    It's gonna work now...
  3. Exterior sound addition!

    Exterior sounds added! Interiors are the same from the last version.

Latest reviews

Ur B version is the better version but could use a bit more work to improve it to perfection, here's what I noticed compared to real life onboard videos of the F2004:

1. Ur exterior sound has no "Doppler Effect" where the car gets louder & more high pitch when it it passes by you.

2. The low to medium rumble could be rougher like "SHR Moddings" & stretched out longer before the high pitch scream kicks in. About 15k-16k RPM should do it before the high pitch kicks in.

3. The high end pitch isn't as accurate as the real thing, the kunos version of the high end is much more accurate but not there yet.

4. Ur downshifts needs to be a bit more rougher like the real thing

Here's some videos links of the F2004 for reference






Apologies for the long review cuz I genuinely think you can perfect it cuz ur version is like 80% accurate. It just needs that extra 20%. I would love to perfect it myself but I'm no sound engineer. Thank you for ur hard work.
Using version B. Easier on the ears compared to the stock Kunos sound, especially with headphones during longer sessions. This also allows other sounds (opponents, tyres, etc.) to be heard more easily.
I'm liking version B !
sorry i prefer original kunos sound ! closer to reality ;)
Original sound was inspired from Australia 2005 from the F2004M (F2004 with 2005 regulation)
SO GOOD ! 9/10 : but no more sound when we race F2004 opponents ?!
This sound mod is interior only. That's why. When I finally found a method to make external sound as well i will do an update on all my mods.
sounds incredible, hoping for the exterior update!
Wow heard it is almost accurate like real f2004.

DIfference with the game's version of f2004 than the engine sound isnt bad at all but little annoying because doesn't sound like that.

if anyone compare the engine sound from real life onboard with Michael or Bralichelo in the game sound, the engine sounds different and is innaccurate like real life

in Respect with your engine sound sound literally almost real life without exhaust but onboard or 'interior' uff super nice and more accurate than the game's sound engine. keep it up :D

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