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Fictional Abarth skin 1.0

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This is my first skin ever for this game, I know it's not the best but i hope you'll enjoy it, if you have any feedback on how to improve it please let me know :)
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Very basic, you kept the same pattern of the original car template too... try to be more daring, experiment with all sorts of lines ans patterns and colour combo's. Maybe download B1gy's Abarth Formula skin pack(search downloads) and check Bailey's guide out at AC forum. Don't worry, I startes the same out as you, also very basic. See this one as the confirmation of your basic technical abilities to skin, it's the creative site of you that needs development. Tip: download other skins of the car you wish to paint, they can contain a lot of new files and can be a creative source to help you make yours. IMPORTANT: DON'T COPY. Create your own. You'll improve

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