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(Fictional Racetrack) Weatherfield International Raceway 1.1

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This is my first real attempt on creating my own track.

Fast, flowing, up & down and many blind corners.
The essence of a lot fun.

This track isn't meant to raced with to much Downforce. Most enjoyable with classic racecars or actual streetcars. GT3 is also drivable but sometimes a little bit too fast, since they can lap the 5 km in just over, so expect a very high average speed.

I personally have the best experience with the '67 F1 cars.

The Layout is inspired by american and european tracks from the 70's & 80's.

I encountered a strange bug with some modcars, which are unable to move off the pits and from their gridpositions. This seems to be car-related, but I'm not sure. Keep that in mind.

Have fun!

Latest updates

  1. I lied.

    Last one wasn't the final update, I suppose. But things like this can happen when a big...
  2. One last Update...

    Now with cameras. Shoutout to who used his freetime to build a set of these. We'll see us on...
  3. Some Tweaks here and there...

    Some Trackside Objects added and reworked for better overall look. Fixed: - Some walls weren't...

Latest reviews

Awsome only thing is CM reports it as version 0.7
Merci pour toutes ces améliorations et ce superbe tracé. S'il n'y avait qu'une chose à ajouter, ce serait un grassfx et un peu de public dans les tribunes.
Just downloaded it and damn! absolutely love it! Tried several different style of cars on it (f1, gt3, classic, dtm) and it suits almost all!
an excellent piece of work. thanks for sharing!
I tried your suggestion, so I'm hot lapping my way through all the classic race cars :)
With a bit of feel on the track surface and some good cameras, this is going to be a fantastic circuit. Looking forward to further updates.
That's turned into a pretty nice track Larre. Thanks
really good work, just maybe set up differently track map to corresponding correctly, and just the tire wall falling under the ground at the chicane at downhill.
sry for my english i'm french ;)
Great Track. The cameras in the replay didn't work but you say that in the description. To motivate you to continue modding i give you 5 stars. I really enjoy it to drive on this track.
Great flow, real nice track with a gt3 in my opinion.
I appreciate you have fun with the track! Thanks, but please keep in mind, I don't work on this track with modern racecars in mind. They are too fast and too addicted too their aero, to provide good'n'close racing here. It might end up being a good Time-Trial-Challenge, though.
Good track, lots of fun.
That's the 5th time I've installed the track. Been interesting watching your progression. The first one I couldn't see the track at all. I like the surface. A real 5 stars next time. Great effort.
You are on your way to a great track! Excellent starting detail. I look forward to how you evolve the track and visuals.
Fantastic track layout, what a fun !

Keep working on it (racing groove, perhaps old tarmac patch, objects) and it will be one of the best track of AC
the layout is good,,track i like very much because you have to think,,,it is mad with the Williams fw37 going to try v8 judd on it next,,, love it thank you
I really like the layout. But the tarmac is very, very black in some places and in some very bright. Maybe it's better if it's cloudy, but I believe another structure for the asphalt would be better.
This track should be a pretty good race once you get done with it.

Sharing here on 2 of the issues you asked about above so everyone can know how to do i:

I figured out the pit limits - see my thread on it in Steam on the Discussions page for RTB.

Also, I figured out the map problem. If you delete the "maps.ini" file from the data folder, and delete the "map.png" in the root folder for your track, AC should create a new one for you automatically.

As for the AI-line, (1st IIRC you need to enable the AI app in the settings and then) turn on the AI app in the right sidebar of the AC game. Then record some laps (you can go slow and smooth), then stop recording and do one for the pits. The 2 record buttons for each are on the right side of the AI add-on display. Unfortunately, for me, the AI is doing all kinds of crazy stuff and I think I know why - when I look at my track in KS Editor, the red lines which are supposed to be the track limits cross the track all over the place and are way off line. But I don't know how to fix that at all.
Thanks for that, but where can I find this "jops" file?
I just drove a couple of laps on your track. I really like the layout and your efforts on the track buildings, as well as on the curbs. It already feels like a great track - especially the elevation changes and the banked corners.
But as others have already mentioned: It's hard to see where you are going because the track surface is too dull/matt.
I hope you'll be improving this track.
Great effort so far!
And: It's very brave of you to share your track in this early stage. Thank you for your bravery. I hope that more people will test your track and will provide you with some constructive feedback. Good luck!
I can't see the track anymore. it all looks the same now that its completely opaque.
Well, I really don't know, what you mean. Could you please explain your opinion a little bit more understandable in the "Feedback & Support Thread"?

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