Firestone tyres and mirroring fix for URD Formula Lights

Firestone tyres and mirroring fix for URD Formula Lights 1.0

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Made an extension that corrects the mirroring issue on the URD Formula Lights car and updates the tyres to the new Firestone brand.

Alternatively, the extension and kn5 could be dropped into individual skin folders so that the old Cooper tyres remain on older skins. You'll want to merge the text with any existing extension ini files, such as the halo mod.

Also includes a new tyre.png that can be dropped into individual skin folders so that previews can display properly without the mirroring issue.

I also recommend checking out the new skin pack from Vittorio Bassi 484.



Latest reviews

Brilliant for using some the 2022 skins fill out a 2023 grid! thanks!
Nice one man, always was a headache for me with the Cooper Tyres last year. How many skins have you made so far?
I only made a few before getting annoyed at not being able to get the halo look 100%, as well as not having good enough pics for some of the difficult liveries, like Rasmus Lindh.

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