Ford C100 1982

Ford C100 1982 0.94

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Hi, today I give you this first version of the Ford C100 from 1982. It comes in two versions of the no. 6: one is clean and one slightly dirty as seen in a video I previously distributed.



Unfortunately I have no time to do anything at it for now. That means it has no damage model yet but besides of that it's fun to drive in my opinion. Maybe it needs a little fine tuning on the physics.

Latest updates

  1. Ford C100 Door Animation Update

    Fixed an issue with the door animation.
  2. Ford C100 Shader Update

    Hi, added some sun specular, have fun.
  3. Ford C100 AI Fix

    Finally I guess I found the solution for the ai problems. Tested it in Spa and Silverstone and...

Latest reviews

Drives decently enough, but LOD A has way too many tris, and LOD B has the amount of tris expected of LOD A according to the pipeline, meaning the car has some way to go for visual optimization.
Has potential I guess, but as one other driver said FFB needs help! About tore my arms off! CSL dd 8nm. Be aware. Thank you for all your efforts though!
it needs a little bit of setup tuning to make it driveable, but overall it is good...maybe it needs a little bit of physics adjustment.
Really good improvements and handling is great, but too much ffb. Just need dialled down a bit
Very nice, another Group C car.

However I have an absurdely heavy FFB in this car. Normally I go with the common Logitech AC FFB settings and 65% in car. but here I can hardly turn the wheel. Any ideas?
I love driving this car. Although I would love if it had more skins.
The a.i just crashes at start line
Please try version 0.92
the AI still didn's start
hard to like this mod, Ai wont run it
Great car
Nice car.
Thanks bro
Nice car ! ^^
Cant get enough Group C. Nice nice nice. Sounds great. Thanks
No piece of art, it's the sound from the Lotus 78. It fits well because it's the same base engine.

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4.13 star(s) 16 ratings

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