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Formula Extreme 2014 F1 Skins 1.1

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I made those for my personal use but I thought some of you would like them. I used the reiza textures already in the game and added sponsors,colors,etc...
They are not perfect and still need work but I think its good enough for now.
I used the skins from the game,the templates and google.
Let me know if you see any problems. Also, fyi, some I have use my imagination a bit so they are not 100% accurate to the real F1. 95% let says lol. Just have to copy the content into the gamedata/vehicles/fextreme folder. Overwrite when prompt to do so. Back up you files in case. Thanks

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  1. Formula Extreme 2014 F1 Skins 1.1

    UPDATED! Alonso's on track name fixed Vettel's Texture was inverted on one side Grosjean's...

Latest reviews

OMG!! I was waiting for this. Thank you so much buddie. Awesome skins!!!
Great skins! Thank you for sharing
Thank u so much mate i'm working on talent files for these skins :)
THX ;-)
Waited for these. Great skins, well done
Looks good, but I see all the cars looks the same in the noose.
Excellent Work. Thanks amillion for sharing them! :)
It looks awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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