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Formula Hybrid 2020 | F1 2020 Skin Pack FINAL

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Formula Hybrid 2020 Community Skin Pack
With the permission and support of all the modders who have given me the ability to release their work in this mod, I present to you the community skin pack for the Formula Hybrid 2020. It is a complete collection of all the current F1 liveries that are being used in the ongoing Formula One season that includes all of the paint schemes for the cars and helmets, suits, and gloves for the drivers.


1. Delete or move any 2020 F1 team skins located in
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assetto corsa\content\cars\rss_formula_hybrid_2020\skins before installing
to prevent any incompatibilities or overwrites.
2. Drag the "content" mod folder to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assetto corsa
3. Confirm the overwrite of any files and to merge any folders.
4. Make sure you are using content manager and shaders so that the helmets and tires load into your game. If you do not
have them they can be found here


Formula Hybrid 2020 - Race Sim Studio :

Ferrari - Leo_95:
Mercedes - Haze Racing Design:
Red Bull - Kamiklaasie:
McLaren - Marco17_ok:
Williams - Conguito_:
Alpha Tauri - TheSourceOfTheNile:
Racing Point - Niklas1409:
Alfa Romeo - Leo_95:
Renault - Haze Racing Design:
Haas - Marco17_ok:

ACSPRH Helmets - Marco17_ok, Kamiklaasie, talisman, 7thFEROX, jvinu2000:

Pirelli Tires - davewilliams000 - :

Latest updates

  1. VR Fixes from AlleyViper

    A member of the community has provided VR fixes to users by going into the ext_config.ini file...
  2. Alex Albon Helmet Fix

    Changelog version 2.2: - Fixed an error where the 3D model for Alex Albon's helmet failed to...
  3. Helmet Files Updated

    If you have downloaded version 2.0, then please make sure to overwrite any files when updating...

Latest reviews

Perfect !!!
Leaving a 5 star rating since I know the issue is rather caused from actions on my part.
I have correctly installed the Formula Hybrid 2020 mod and all the cars work (with the default liveries that came with it). I also installed the custom shaders patch through CM, but for some reason after I had dragged and dropped the 2020 livery files into the "content" folder the liveries in game are all black. just the liveries - the tyre colors change depending on the compound, the drivers helmets are accurate, but for whatever reason the liveries are all black. In some cases (for example, RP livery) I can see the no.11 on Checos car, but thats about the only distinguishable feature that differs the black skins.
As I mentioned - I installed via the manual way (first deleting all the skins in the rss car folder) and then dropped all the content files, but still got the mentioned issues. Also tried installing via CM, but the installation never really begun, it just was in "Searching content..." mode for a long time and never installed anything that way.
Hopefully there is a simple solution to this, maybe I missed a step in the process!

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
Good Thanks =)
The Racing Point skin is really awful.

Good pack otherwise
It's the only one that was made, sadly. Otherwise I would have immediately replaced it.
Great, thanks a lot.
It's great, but when I use it in a race, it randomly uses some skins more than twice, and random names. Any fixes?
If there are more than 24 cars then this can happen.
Good job, anyone able to figure out how to disable the helmet wireframe in VR?
@TheSourceOfTheNile yes of course I am using CSP and CM! No matter what I do I cannot get the helmet skins to work. All cars just have a plain white helmet..
Excellent and very detailed work. Makes the mod much more fun to use.
Thank you!
I can't seem to get the helmet skins to work. The cars load with the plain white helmet. Any suggestions?
You need Custom Shaders Patch and Content Manager for ACSPRH helmets to work
Can someone do Lotus skin for RSS Formula 1 Hybrid 2020?
Brilliant, thank you!
Thx, lookin guuud.
Had no problem even without deleting the original skin files.

Only issue (very minor, might not even be this mod's fault): the driver displayed in the Content Manager preview is always the same generic model but in-game the different driver skins seem to load correctly (haven't tried them all).
That's because AC is loading a different helmet model for each of the drivers from ACPSRH Helmets.
the car is completely black and without a skin when installed. sorry for bad english
You did not install a car you installed a skin pack. You need to buy the Formula Hybrid 2020 and install it first before you can use these skins.
It's awesome! Are you planning on making the 2021 skins when the livery is announced? (Sorry for the bad English)
just brilliant, thanks to all guys involved
Amazing, beautiful and absolute high quality. Thank you!
very high quality

Latest News

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295.8 MB
First release
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User rating
4.78 star(s) 76 ratings

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