Formula Hybrid 2021 | F1 2021 Community Skin Pack

Formula Hybrid 2021 | F1 2021 Community Skin Pack 1.14

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Formula Hybrid 2021 Community Skin Pack
With the permission and support of all the modders who have given me the ability to release their work in this mod, I present to you the community skin pack for the Formula Hybrid 2021. It is a complete collection of all the current F1 liveries that are being used in the ongoing Formula One season that includes all of the paint schemes for the cars, helmets, suits, gloves, and pit crews for the drivers.

Over 50 hours of work has gone into producing, modifying, and adapting resources for the skin pack so that it can work perfectly with just a simple drag-and-drop install.

Features of the Skin Pack:
- Compressing hundreds of files to the DXT5 format in lossless resolutions to bring the file size down from over 5 GB down to barely over 1 GB and save VRAM!
- Grouping all of the skins by teams and sorting them by their finishing position in the 2021 Constructor's Championship with primary driver's first, and secondary drivers second
- New unified uiskin.json files that include all of the information for each driver and team
- Matching livery icons for all drivers and teams that include easy-to-read icons from enkay74
- Setting up all the helmets from Jsoria to work instantly with correct ext_config.ini files
- Adapting a combination of the textures from enkay74 and the original skin modders to create the best quality driver suits possible
- Removing the driver textures from enkay74 from the texture folder and bringing them over to the individual driver skin folder in a compressed format for higher compatibility and to prevent bugs where they wouldn't show up
- Added yellow T-cams for all secondary drivers
- Produced steering wheel logos featuring the logos for all the F1 teams
- Rendered new, unified preview images for all skins
- Added Pirelli tire textures for all cars in showrooms
- Included working Pirelli tire textures for in-game use

1. Make sure you are using content manager and shaders so that the helmets and tires load into your game. If you do not have them they can be found here:
2. Delete or move any 2021 F1 team skins located in
c:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ rss_formula_hybrid_2021\skins before installing
to prevent any incompatibilities or overwrites.
3. Drag the "content" mod folder to c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\assettocorsa
4. Confirm the overwrite of any files and to merge any folders.

Formula Hybrid 2021 - Race Sim Studio :

Alpine: @Haze Racing Design -
Alfa Romeo: @Ferrari2016 (tomeddie14) -
AlphaTauri: @TheSourceOfTheNile -
Aston Martin: @Qtaro -
Ferrari: @Ferrari2016 (tomeddie14) -
Haas: @fomulaHEINE -
McLaren: @Marco17_ok -
Mercedes: @TcKModder -
Red Bull: @Marco17_ok -
Williams: @Conguito_ -

ACSPRH Helmets: @Marco17_ok -
Most Helmet Textures: @JSoria -

F1 2021 Gloves Pack: @BlackToof -

Pit Crews, Pit Walls, & Livery Icons: @enkay74 -

Specific F1 2021 Team Steering Wheels: @Ricardo Gomes -

FH2021 Rims Pack: @BlackToof
Pirelli Tires: @TheSourceOfTheNile -

3D Addons for Mercedes & Aston Martin: @ben32star -

If you like the work of myself and the community, please make sure to leave a rating as it will be very appreciated

Latest updates

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    Changelog 1.14: - Added Alpine 3D Add-on by @ben32star - Fixed Glitches with Valtteri Bottas's...
  2. Final Version

    Changelog 1.13: - Updated Mercedes to final version by @TcKModder - Updated Aston Martin by...
  3. The Winglet Update

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Latest reviews

Super B skins pack! Thanks for your effort!
I'm glad to see so many people still finding and using this mod! I wanted to make this pack as close to perfect as possible since a lot of people would be going back to the FH2021 since it was the last car of its era, and RSS's best work from that time.
yet again no helmets
There's backup helmets for people without CSP who can't run Real Helmets. I don't know how this happened.
Bit dissapointed it doesn't have some of the special liveries
I wanted something that would create a 20 car grid with all the drivers that people could use immediately without any trouble.
@TheSourceOfTheNile Thank you so much for your update v1.14 AMAZING, LOVE IT!!!!
Had to do something for the Bottas fans. Glad you enjoy!
Great mod, but update has bugs/issues on Mercedes 77 version. There are glove issues and textures blocking the camera in cockpit view (you may need to move seat back to see floating textures.) Can you please fix this on Mercedes 77 version please????
Fixed it. Have fun driving!
the return of the king
You're a legend, man!
Thanks chief!
Good pack, disappointed it's never been updated after mid 2021
Well get ready boyo. The most anticipated update of your life just dropped.
How to solve ui_car.json missing? pls help
Buy and install the car first, the install the pack. Read the instructions on the page and in the README.txt file and they will set you up.
Excellent pack for an excellent car, but will all special one-off liveries be added in down the line?
I'm thinking about adding them as a side mod so that people can have them as an option, so it'll be on a different page. I waited until now to execute this plan because I wanted the community to be finished making content for the mod first.
is compatible with V3 version? thank!
The 3D model never changes much on RSS cars between updates, so there will never be compatibility issues between updates on any of the skin packs for their cars when they get updated.
Grest pack mate, is there a way for me to change the skins for the ********************* SF-21? or is there a skinpack for that already made? thanks in advance..
Just buy the FH2021 by RSS instead. Sim Dream usually steals their models from elsewhere and tried to get the main writer Mike Smith (SimRacing601) banned from YouTube last year over his criticism of them.
just that, looks gorgeous
Thank you very much.
Its broken... can somebody help me cuz it cant find lods.ini files...
Install the car first and then try the updated version of the pack. If you're still having problems please contact me at Discord thesourceofthenile#4919 or in RD messages.
thanks to all modders, it's incredible
We're very lucky to have them as a community. Thank you.
miss TEZOS logo....
It's now on the McLaren, but not on the Red Bull because the skin's creator hasn't updated the car since April.
WOW. Great job doing these skins!
Thank you very much!
These look amazing. Thanks everyone for the work put in.
Nice video! Cool to see how it looks in vr.

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