Formula RSS 2010 V8 — Toyota TF110 [Semi-fictional]

Formula RSS 2010 V8 — Toyota TF110 [Semi-fictional] 1.1

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We can only wonder what could have been in 2010 had Toyota not pulled out of F1.


While we don't know what TF110's livery would have looked like beyond the all-red photos of one of the cars for testing, I think they would have followed a similar design to TF109.


I had some difficulties with the helmets, but they came through—though they're not the highest quality—I hope they give you that extra flavor while using this livery on track.


This one is not as much of a throwback as my recent liveries, but it's a bit of a strange position where it's a possible throwback while glimpsing into the possible alternate timeline of the 2010 season.


Regarding the numbers, I had to give them 7 and 8 as part of a grid composed of my semi-fictional liveries for this car. There were not a lot of sponsors in 2009, so that was a brief thing for this livery. However, the graphics took a long time, and they gave me a reason to do some freehand work in a livery.

As usual, Bridgestone tires by @PF126p

Reviews would be appreciated!


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    • Fixed the Toyota emblem on the wheel

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