Formula USA 2023

Formula USA 2023 1.3

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Formula USA 2023

Most of the skins were made using based on the INDYCAR IR18 2023 MOD! 2.0 created by luijo.
The adaptations were made to make the skins compatible with the cars created by Reiza, which have significant differences for the Dallara.
The pack is still in a very early version in need of a lot of polishing.
Still, there are 32 cars with liveries inspired by the 2023 Indycar season.
The pilots have their real names but still little adjusted for the performance of the season.
The pack is for the fun of those who don't like to race against very generic cars.
Kanaan's car paint job is my poetic license. I wanted him in the car that resembled Senna.

Installation instructions:

1) The folders "vehicles" and "UserData" should be placed in your Automobilista 2 folder or Automobilista 2 Beta folder.

Enjoy it!
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Latest updates

  1. Update of Skins and Selector

    Some updates to skis, suits, helmets and correction of the selector that was only working until...
  2. Suits, Gloves and some skins

    Some adjustments and additions to suits, gloves and skins
  3. New selector added

    New selector added based on @Immersion Modding Group's work. With 2 possibilities. A season with...

Latest reviews

Nice job ! thanks a lot !!
It doesn´t work with the new AMS2 update or at least is not working for me. Anyways thank you for your work.
Henrique Freitas
Henrique Freitas
If you are using Content Manager, disabling and re-enabling the content should probably solve the problem. Mine is installed just by copying and pasting and it works.
Great work. Thank you so much!
Very nice job, thanks!
Thanks! Looks great! :-)
Thanks very much!
Thanks, the skins are great. Just one question, is there any plan to modify the preview of the cars in the selection screen? (because it is the Indycars that appear and not the USA 2023 formulas)
Henrique Freitas
Henrique Freitas
I intend to do it but I'm not very good with previews, so it's the last thing I intend to work on. I intend to make the skins over the last half of the season and, as soon as Reiza releases it, make helmets and race suits.
Love the concept and artwork. I installed these using AMS2 Content manager which is a cool tool. But in game menu the cars appear blurry and when choosing from a Road to a Oval variant, all it will display is a blurry Road version. "?" In the sim it's nice and it's all there the way it should, but I am wondering if it's needed to copy paste instead of using CM or if there's something I need to do because in the read me text I'm not too sure what it means regarding those examples of text files that seem to reflect Oval and Road. "?" Is it something I'm not completing correctly?
Nice work all the same.
Henrique Freitas
Henrique Freitas
I can't tell you how the pack works through CM because I haven't tested it. Pasting the files in the traditional way is working normally.
As it is a work in progress in the next version I separated the grid skins by GPs, the .xml files are to reflect this. In the current version I had only done the GPs where the tracks are present in Automobilista 2.
So, if you want the skins corresponding to the Long Beach GP, copy the text from the Formula_USA_2023_LongBeach.xml file and replace the text from the Formula_USA_2023.xml file and save.
Or, you rename the Formula_USA_2023_LongBeach.xml file to Formula_USA_2023.xml.
I find it easier to copy the text into the Formula_USA_2023.xml file because that way all the files remain in the folder as they are.
Good job to improve immersion, tx man
Gracias por incluir los colores de mi país en el auto de Canapino!
*Thanks for include my country colors on Canapino's car!
Wonderful mod!
Henrique Freitas
Henrique Freitas
No lo dejaría fuera en absoluto. Además de mantener un aire de realismo en las skins, el trabajo de pintura de Canapino fue realmente genial en la INDY500.
I love this pack, it's perfect. Thanks.
great work , thanks for the fast en good work
You modders work quick! Thank you for your work!
Thank you very much!
Excellent Work !! Very well done :)
Excellent work! Thank you so much.

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