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FSR 2015 Season 1.1

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The official mod for the FSR 2015 Season is here and its publicly available. Try it out and why not try racing this season at the Formula SimRacing league. FSR is now entering its 15th season and is a professional simulation motorsports league. The mod is based on the ISI Formula Masters mod by ISI. This is a beta version of the mod and is open to the public for testing.

Latest updates

  1. FSR 2015 v1.1 (2015 Liveries)

    Updated to version 1.1 with all skins of teams for the 2015 FSR season.
  2. New Version of FSR 2015 Mod.

    -Added LC -Removed collision sound -Removed some gear ratios -Removed engine lifetime random...

Latest reviews

OMG!!! I did not see this coming, didnt expect anything but was so blown away by these cars. Favorites hands down!! Thanks so much :)
Awesome car
The car feels great. Precise and fast but excellent feedback. Still a real challenge but now more of a pleasure. I got on Spa to test it stayed out lapping for about 50 laps.
THX to test the MOD ;-)
Much better than last year's one. Good work!
great feeling
Awesome! Feels fantastic to drive and should provide competitive racing throughout the field :)

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Thomas Mundy
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245.6 MB
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What is the reason for your passion for sim racing?

  • Watching real motorsport

    Votes: 262 67.7%
  • Physics and mechanics

    Votes: 175 45.2%
  • Competition and adrenaline

    Votes: 186 48.1%
  • Practice for real racing

    Votes: 81 20.9%
  • Community and simracers

    Votes: 105 27.1%