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Hey there,

Here is a big pack with my full collection of shared skins. It does not contain any new resource / only an all-in-one archive to be extracted in you folder documents/assetto corsa competizione

Your WD skins will be updated with latest versions, and the missing ones will be added.

Free WD skins 2022.jpg

As you can see, we talk about more than 24 - some of the oldest not appearing on that presentation board.

If you like my job, you can support me with the paypal link.
If you like my job and want to see exclusive liveries, my website has many galleries :

A main gallery here :

Or sorted by manufacturer :

Remember I can convert any livery for any car, if requested. I can also customize with your driver name, swap color(s) and swap sponsor(s)

This section is where everything is explained in terms of services :

Please do not modify my shared skins without asking first.
If unmodified, feel free to use any of those skins on events, including broadcasted ones.
  • Free WD skins.jpg
    Free WD skins.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Full collection with '22 versions of all shared designs + new ones

    Hey everyone, As I have updated several contents this year - but not shared all of the updates...

Latest reviews

Super cool package but unfortunately the Aston Martin #46 skin does not work
Let me check that and I will post an update to fix it!

You can try to download it separately, the mod is available here :
Doux Jésus que c'est beau ! J'ai encore du boulot pour arriver à ce niveau de coup patte, mais bien sûr je fais ça par passion sans formation de design.
Encore une fois, c'est magnifique !
Je te remercie infiniment pour ces compliments Neko
Thx guy ! Elles sont magnifiques .
Merci mglt ! francophone ? ou tu as fait l'effort d'un petit mot dans ma langue ?
jolie et bien finie , merci pour ces créations.
Merci Antonn !
Love the AMG & the 911, great job!
Some of the best skins made!! Thanks for them all
Thanks a lot!
I don´t like your work...i adore it hehe, maybe the most exciting liveries i´ve ever seen, congratulations and thank you very much
5 stars for you but i´ll give you 10 if i could
As a designer, it is a job. As an artist, it is passion... and when you let the passion express itself, you feel good. A take your comment as if you were applausing, indeed :-D

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